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  1. I think this is something very cool in our lifetime as well as for nintendo/pokemon era. I mean they managed to get millions out of their house to go adventure around to catch pokemon like the trainers in the game do as well. I also think it is pretty cool that here in my hometown there have been PokemonGO gatherings in he park so everyone can get together and play and have fun.
  2. I agree with the new D.va and also it is getting kind of annoying when you have to concentrate on killing off their ult while trying to secure a site. I feel the self destruct should affect your character as well, i mean it is "self-destruct". I cant really enjoy playing Ana, i feel she would be great if her gun did the same damage as windowmaker but just the lust of having that extra support helps. I also cant really get use to throwing that healing grenade cause I usually miss haha
  3. Hello everyone! I am looking for anyone here who is an eSports journlaist for one or more websites. I am currently volunteering for a website http://www.dominationesports.org/ just to get my foot-in-the door in eSports. I have a huge passion for gaming as well as the vastly growing eSports scene. I mostly play and write about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but I am starting to understand LoL more so I could venture into that division of gaming as well. Check out some of my articles on our website and give me some feedback! I am open for any tips and or suggestions~
  4. currently working on dominationesports.org!

  5. I currently just finished my second year in college and I'm finally getting more involved with my software engineering classes starting in the fall. I am taking this summer off because I need it!! So currently working and saving money. I am also looking for a house to live with my 3 best friends, you could call it a soon to be gaming house!
  6. What would be the best option for someone who loves playing games and is wanting to have a career in the gaming industry? I skimmed through a lot of posts in this thread and have a general idea on what to do once you get started with the right mind set; however, I am wanting to see what I need to do from scratch. I have some good use with social media and close connections with some owners of the bigger gaming companies that host tournaments. What tools do I need to get started? I am currently going to school to be a software engineer, but I haven't started any actual engineering classes as of yet due to the grueling core classes I have to take to get there. I am interested in some programming but I am really creative and good with my hands; I also haven't really looked into what I need to do to start getting some practice in before the engineering classes start. What would be the best thing for me? p.s I am really sick at the moment and on medication, so this post may or may not make much sense...sorry in advance
  7. DMG has the highest group of people in varying skill. There are low end DMG's who are gloried gold novas, then there are the high ranking DMGS who can play on par with SMFC. DMG has this huge variance in skill level and it just so happens to be the place people get stuck at in a rank the most. When I got out of DMG, I climbed to LEM in 2 days, while before I was DMG for months. This is the truth. The ranking system suucks. DMG should be 5 ranks or something. It is incredible how bad some players are that got to DMG because they played with a team, and then we have those sick players that got there because they can't carry their nova friends and everyone just becomes DMG. Now I can get out of it easily but I have to soloQ, was stuck for a year tho. I somehow managed to get to LEM on my own after about a month or so of playing last summer; however, since then the hackers and kids who don't necessarily play the game made me derank to the nova era. needless to say I cannot get out of the gold nova rank at all! I think I'll stick with the third party sites such as faceit, cevo and esea.
  8. Good afternoon/ evening for some of you! My name is Brandon or also known as "marti" on ESEA.net or as my IGN in CS:GO on steam. I have been playing video games since I was about 4 years old starting with the era of the super Nintendo and now an avid computer gamer. My dream job is to work on games and be apart of the ever so non-stop growth of gaming. I do not know exactly what I want to do as of yet, but I'm sure I will find something that will fit me well since there are many different opportunities for me in the gaming industry. I hope you guys welcome me with open arms and help me out on the right path to my career! -marti EDIT: I posted this in the wrong section before, pardon me for my mistake.
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