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  1. [Indie Game] Project Stray - Doom Meets Darksouls

    Huge update to the game! Here is the Steemit link, Upvotes would be much appreciated. https://steemit.com/steemit/@thecastle/revulsion-update-and-new-game-demo-download-new-level-included-9-13-2017 Download the latest Revulsion Demo here : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-2YIXbdMSYscnJCQTAyejJTMU0/view?usp=sharing 3 minutes of uncut Revulsion game play. So what is new. This new version includes a host of bug fixes, updates and changes as well as a new level to round out the free demo experience. Not only is the free demo a lot longer now but it also provides players with more breathing room to learn the games mechanics. You will be starting the game off in a level called Artifact containment. The intro to the game is a lot moodier now to say the least. I would say its a lot closer to Doom 3 in its early pacing. But I quickly pick up the combat to make sure you know this is a lot less about mood and a lot more about shooting. This isn't even close to how things get later on. You should see how many enemies I jam pack into this level on New Game plus! Side note : Out of all classic Doom and Quake style games right now, Revulsion is one of the very few to have an auto-map system as a core feature. So with all of that said, remember : Your upvotes pay for my snacks and energy drinks while I work on this game! Revulsion is an independent game project that I am solo designing right now! My plan is to get the game on steam early access soon. You can support this project by simply following me and upvoting me on Steemit! Or you can play the free demo! All Revulsion related posts are located here: https://steemit.com/created/revulsion
  2. [Indie Game] Project Stray - Doom Meets Darksouls

    How far in did you get? How many deaths? I have a lot of people telling me they died more than 5 times on average. XD
  3. [Indie Game] Project Stray - Doom Meets Darksouls

    Follow this link to grab the games first Demo build. https://steemit.com/gaming/@thecastle/download-and-play-the-first-demo-build-of-my-game-project-stray Project Stray is a loot based first person shooter that blends elements of classic Doom and Quake with Dark Souls and Boarderlands. This game is the missing link from the classic Doom and Quake style fps and the modern shooter. The same person who hand designed all of Project Stray was also the lead designer of the official Doom 2 expansion No Rest For The Living. This demo will be the last build before I begin a funding campaign to finance the design of the rest of the game. The demo itself is a short section of the game. However, the demo includes New Game Plus functionality, This allows you to replay multiple times with better and better loot as well as harder and harder challenges. Project Stray currently includes a fairly large amount of unique loot as well as the ability to buy and sell things at a vendor, crafting, repairing damaged or worn out items, and even the ability to affix your armor with special stats. Project Stray also has an assortment of items to temporarily boost your stats or use special attacks. Can you survive the challenges of Project Stray? Project Stray is an independent game project that I am solo working on. Nearly everything you see was either implemented by me or created by me from scratch! Stay tuned for more information as I begin steps of getting Project Stray on to Steam Early Access. I am not yet sure how I can fund the development of the project. Any advice or thoughts on the topic are very welcome. Bookmark the below page if you want keep tabs on the latest news of Project Stray: https://steemit.com/created/projectstray
  4. [Indie Game] Project Stray - Doom Meets Darksouls

    This is a new video format I am trying out. I feel like it not only gives me a lot of really solid animated gifs to show off but it also cleans things up. I might be doing this a lot more now when I am not streaming. Orbital strike being put to good use!
  5. [Indie Game] Project Stray - Doom Meets Darksouls

    Yeah sorry I have not been updating as much. I plan to get a volley of updates in place soon. Sorry I have not be super active on social media as of late. I plan to get back into the swing of things soon though. The only thing that might distract me is that I will be moving very soon. I have a new video format now that will make things a lot smoother when showing off stuff I am doing. Its a much cleaner presentation and it gives me a chance to make a ton of Gifs. So here you can see a basic rundown of my automap system. When you press the map key it brings up a visual representation of the entire level right in front of you. It orients itself so that you can easily tell what direction you are facing in relation to the map. It also shows your position as well as map markers that you can discover all around the world! And here is me sniping some fools for random fun! Stay tuned as I will have more stuff to show off on the way! I just recently got a ton of awesome new actions into the game that can make you call down a volley of rockets from the sky or even slow down time! Project Stray is a independent game project that I am solo working on. Nearly everything you see was either implemented by me or created by me from scratch! You can support this project by simply following me and upvoting me on Steemit! My Blog page is here: https://steemit.com/@thecastle All project Stray related posts are located here: https://steemit.com/created/projectstray
  6. Project Stray is a single player first person shooter that blends classic Doom and Quake with Dark Souls game play. I am the only full time dev on this project. The only things I have not done are the options menu, sound effects, particle effects and Skybox art) I decided to go ahead and make a unique thread as I seem to be spamming the Indie games thread pretty hard. The Download Link for the game Is located here: https://steemit.com/gaming/@thecastle/project-stray-weekly-build-release-7-25-2017-the-dark-base-now-has-a-full-art-pass Project Stray : Trello Board : https://trello.com/b/ijQ8ETFH/project-stray My Next goal goals for the project is to now begin a polish phase. This means making it so that enemies animate and properly react to being shot. There are a large number of changes in the works for next phase. This will be my last push before I have to get my stuff together and move back to America. Project Stray - Watch me play my games latest Build! 7/25/2017 New titlescreen in place Slight Nerf to the Blaster (1.5 to 1.8) Slight Buff to the Magnum (1.8 to 1.5) Tooltips should appear while over the entire item Icon Magnum accuracy increased (was 6.0 is now 5.0) Lighting gun range increased (Now 500 units, was 200) Bullet holes now travel with moving objects like doors. Mega armor booster removed from minigunner death drop (Mega armor booster is cut from the game as of now) Directional keys automatically cancel inventory menu Travel menu buttons reworked for clarity Reworded all inventory menu categories for clarity Remove armor from all enemy types (For now enemies have larger health pools with no armor) Player cant move view while in any of the menus The Dark Base has had an art pass done to it. You can support this project by simply following me and upvoting me on Steemit! I regularly do dev streams here: https://gaming.youtube.com/c/CastleDoes/live (4:00 PM EST)
  7. Games W.I.P Thread

    Its a pretty big undertaking right now to get art in place for this level in less than a week. As of now I am at the halfway mark. I feel like I should be able to have the entire level in an arted out state in a couple of days. I also plan to start doing some animated GIFs soon. So you can see the game in action a lot more. You can support this project by simply following me and upvoting me on Steemit! https://steemit.com/gaming/@thecastle/7t4n31-project-stray I regularly do dev streams here: https://gaming.youtube.com/c/CastleDoes/live (4:00 PM EST Weekdays)
  8. Games W.I.P Thread

    At this rate I might as well have my own thread...
  9. Games W.I.P Thread

    I wrote this down in my notes. Once I get the first level all arted up I will spend some time to polish existing content. So far so good. I am making headway on replacing the blockmesh gray box and turning it into a visual feast. This now has lighting, particles and music. This is the entrance into the dark base!
  10. Packaging can be a real nightmare because if there is even one thing that goes wrong it can happen and it doesn't usually explain why. Did you rename and/move move files very often? The engine can get very hung up on that kind of thing. In other words you have your material pointing to a few different files. Then you move or rename one of those files and you are not super ultra careful to right click => and clean up re directors it can cause the material to be confused about a file you have causing it to hang or fail the packaging process. Examine your folders in explorer to see if you have a lot of these weird 1k files hanging around that are the same name as older files you had before.
  11. Games W.I.P Thread

    Ah, nothing to see here folks, its just one dude solo making an entire looter shooter lol https://steemit.com/gaming/@thecastle/project-stray-new-build-and-patch-notes-7-17-2017-big-update Project Stray: Trello Board There are a host of new changes and updates to the game. This includes a new Trello board that I have began for Project Stray. The Trello board still needs quite a bit of love but by the end of the week we should have a pretty solid idea of where the game is right now and where its going next. Project Stray: Patch Notes (7/17/2017) Reworked the first battle area significantly from what it was before. This was to help the first fight feel less cramped. Implemented Automap system (New Functionality Added) Title-screen music improperly set to not loop (Fixed) Intro battle is too reliant one weapon type (Pistol) (Fixed) Mouse wheel up / Down borked (Fixed) Slightly increase light machine gun rate of fire (Is now 0.15 shots per second / Was 0.2 shots per second) Enemies wont attack player from long distances. (Fixed) Enemies should stop shooting when player is dead. (Fixed) Note: Zombies will still eat your body Rockets and grenades were not causing barrels to explode. (Fixed) Using a home point to replenish ammo can destroy a players corpse forcing them to lose their stuff. (Fixed) Rework healing to be one item. Reworked entire recovery system. (Large rebalance change implemented) Removed Armor and Ammo kits and key bindings from the game. (No longer needed) Auto Regeneration now only effects armor. (Nerf to health regeneration) Health and armor on the HUD need to have proper icons. (Fixed) Item weight pass, making sure everything weighs the correct value now. (Large rebalance change implemented) Remove auto regeneration of Ammo from the game. (Large rebalance change implemented) Added a generic ammo pickup to help the player replenish ammo for long sequences. (New Functionality Added) Travel spawn should not replenish ammo unless the player dies. Moving between levels should not replenish ammo. Generic ammo pickup needs a proper voxel mesh (Added) All Weapon have been reworked! Pistols - (Higher res meshes created) Pistols - (View Models Hooked up with SFX and GFX) Shotguns - (Higher res meshes created) Shotguns - (View Models Hooked up with SFX and GFX) Rifles - (Higher res meshes created) Rifles - (View Models Hooked up with SFX and GFX) Heavy Weapons - (Higher res meshes created) Heavy Weapons - (View Models Hooked up with SFX and GFX) Advanced Weapons - (Higher res meshes created) Advanced Weapons - (View Models Hooked up with SFX and GFX) Grenade Launchers - (Higher res meshes created) Grenade Launchers - (View Models Hooked up with SFX and GFX) More to come next week!
  12. Games W.I.P Thread

    Yeah, I really wanted a change and this feels right but is also probably going to break me pretty hardcore lol. But fuck it, I have been a level designer for 17 years and the UE4 engine is a beast. I have always wanted to make an FPS like this as well, seriously. My thinking is that I spend a little more time polishing the demo and making sure it has as little placeholder 3d assets as possible. Like all of the guns should have animated view models ect. I want to get a proper automap in place, which I am already toying around with today. Then yeah, I plan to see about getting this up on Steam, doing a live stream every day of me working on the game.
  13. Games W.I.P Thread

    Here is a live Stream of me playing the game earlier today. Link to the original Steemit thread where I released the project (Steemit is important as it can potentially earn money to help me fund the project) Download the game and view more information about the project here. https://steemit.com/gaming/@thecastle/project-stray-the-games-first-true-demo-download I want to submit this project for a possible grant. This project started off with fairly casual intentions but is now my main focus as it is something I have always wanted to do. Any advice on how I might be able to promote / fund the project is very welcome. Over the last couple of years I have worked on various different Unreal Engine 4 Blueprint based projects. This is the first time I have got this far within this dev environment and I fully believe I can go the full distance this time around. Project Stray is a first person shooter that mixes elements of Doom 2 and Quake with the game play rules and general concept of Dark Souls. Project Stray is basically a loot based Doom 2 Soulslike. I have a lot of experience with making first person shooters, you can look here to see my most recent Doom 2 level by the name of Redemption of The Slain. Link to the thread : https://steemit.com/gaming/@thecastle/doom2-redemption-of-the-slain-full-release-and-download I was also one of the level designer who headed up No Rest For The Living. No Rest For The Living is an Official episode expansion for Doom 2 that is now included within the Doom BFG edition on Steam. Link to Doom Wiki for NRFTL: http://doom.wikia.com/wiki/No_Rest_for_the_Living Also here is my resume for those wondering about my overall experience as a game developer. Most of my experience has been with First and Third person shooters over the years. Link to my Resume: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-2YIXbdMSYsNEgtdkZHOTJmOE0 So right now I am in the process of solo designing an entire first person shooter. The only aspects of this project that I have not done are the options menu(Most of the title screen), sounds and particle effects. Everything else is of my own doing. I have been working seriously on Project Stray for about 4 months but I have probably worked on it a bit longer than that casually. The Demo includes 3 playable levels. 2 of these levels have had a full art and sound pass and one of them is still in a blockmesh state. Over 20 unique weapon types. Various different armor sets with different stats and values. 7 Different enemy types, each with their own stats and weapons. New Game plus functionality. You can replay the demo multiple times for harder and harder challenges. Everything levels up and tougher mobs will spawn for harder fights. A fully functional Crafting system that allows you to upgrade and modify gear. A battle system where you face pre set battles in order to obtain loot rewards as well as access further into the world. The Demo Lacks Enemies lack unique sound effects Enemies lack animations There is still plenty of visible placeholder art within the user interface and the game world. Heavy weapons currently do not have graphics and sound (They still function as intended) Advanced weapons currently do not have graphics and sound (They still mostly function as intended) Grenade launchers currently do not have graphics and sounds (They still function as intended) Proper automap functionality is slated for the game What I want the game to become 8 unique locations each with their own challenges. This can range from unique situations or enemies to full scale boss battles. (The Intro level and HUB do not count, I mean 8 fully sized levels filled with mobs and secrets) A show but don't tell style story where you have to be looking for the clues to know what happened and what is going on. Hand crafted levels utilizing my level design skills to the max. No randomly generated content. Everything is built with purpose. If you liked my previous work this will dwarf of those projects. Coop, you can team up with a friend to face the games harder challenges together. Character creation, you can choose from a list of preset character classes with various stat differences Abilities that you can upgrade and equip to further enhance the game play experience. (Super attacks, teleporting, area of effect healing ect) Equipment that gives you super jumping and jet packs. Secrets, lots and lots of secrets containing special named loot with unique stats and at least one secret level. And more, my ultimate goal will be to get the game into state where I can continue to add more content regularly. More levels, more boss battles, more enemy types, more loot. You can support this project by simply following me and upvoting me on Steemit! I regularly do dev streams here: https://gaming.youtube.com/c/CastleDoes/live (4:00 PM EST)
  14. WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    This one can go in game WIP or Level WIP I am making a game that blends classic Doom / Quake game play with Dark Souls. https://steemit.com/gaming/@thecastle/the-game-i-am-working-on-is-finally-starting-to-look-like-a-game-i-think If you like what I am doing please upvote on Steemit!
  15. Games W.I.P Thread

    My UE4 game is getting closer and closer to being a full game demo. I am hoping that if I can pull this off I will be able to have an indie game. I still have not talked to epic about this yet. I imagine I need to be thinking about that soon. Project Stray - Lets Talk About Ammo I think its time to do something new with ammo as a game mechanic. I have an idea that might be pretty cool! Follow and upvote me on Steemit! (Up votes equal Crypto!) https://steemit.com/@thecastle https://steemit.com/created/projectstray