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  1. Yep, this is part of why I made the above update. There is a lot of maneuvering right now to get into this space. a lot of people are still not ready for how much this will change everything moving forward. I am currently on the front lines right now. I am convinced this is the main direction VR will be going.
  2. Alright so, I am starting to see a bit further into the future on how all of this will play out. From what I can tell as the metaverse scene continues to grow we will begin adopting the next generation of tech. Valve is the one pushing things the hardest while facebook is doing good stuff they are the least likely to succeed in this space for various reasons. VRChat development is also getting better at a steady pace. I feel as though we are roughly at about the mid 1990s in terms of the state of virtual reality. VRChat is like MySpace. However with that said, the fact that Valve will be
  3. lol! Actually for people who never experienced the social thing and had some drinks in VR its insanely good. You wont know how good until you try it. But try not to drink too hard! Vomit inducing might also apply for motion sickness but with experience you can get around that. As far as the Gamedev drinkup though I should maybe consider making a new thread and show off the venue and explain what the whole thing is about. Later tonight I have an event that will be going all night starting at 8 PM EST. I have another two events tomorrow as well but they are hosted by other people. Bass Cast
  4. Ill take this in Ethereum. So I very much think its a good idea to have a game dev drink up in VR. How would it be possible to try and get something like this going? There may already be something like this going on but I am not aware of it. But having events where industry vets and beginners can chill out and network would be extremely useful. I am willing to make significant modifications to my world to host such events. edit : Making it easier for people to share portfolios is one idea. This might be off topic for VR discussion specifically. maybe a different thread.
  5. RP is means Role Play. Acting in game with back story and never leaving character. E means Erotic. Which basically means Erotic role play. Basically having sex.
  6. Don't worry, I am exclusively ERPing on the forum. I should be banned. I don't believe you understand how much that pissed me off. I coordinate with dozens and dozens of community managers, DJs and content creators every week to setup live events shows. Lighting effects world creation programming and all kinds of stuff. I researched and work on tons of content and communicate with people to work within a bustling community. But fuck all that, I exclusively use it to ERP apparently. anyway, we are even now I think.
  7. The only thing that slows everyone down in a VR social game is the 80 people in the lobby with unoptimized avatars. Or you can check out Just B club with its 1500 concurrent active users at all times. Hey know what, keep making indie VR games that barely get 10 active users even though they have super efficient scripting languages. edit : Or experience getting your game ripped off and played to death in the VR community AmongUs style. AmongUs in VRC is infinitely superior experience lol. edit 2 : I remember having a similar debate regarding this in the Unreal 4 engine where blueprin
  8. False because games can be built inside of the social platform. We are at a point now where with the addition of a couple basic things the social platform becomes a gaming platform with full blown monetization. VRChat itself is one or two features away from becoming a virtual STEAM. edit : Many of these features were recently announced as well. Also I am going to be riding this wave as hard as possible and I will be developing full blown games. If nobody else does it I will be doing it.
  9. Oh by the way I was in that video and I chilled with that guy for awhile actually. One of the live shows he showed was called Slyfest. I am also acquaintances with Sly and contributed to projects he was a part of.
  10. "exclusively using the platform for ERP" was a shit thing to say especially in light of the fact that I am in a process now of trying to push things forward. Does that ALSO include sexual content? Does a bear shit in the woods? Like seriously, what was the point of going off like that? So after I read what you said I realized that it was likely that more than a few people were reading what I was saying through some lens like like all I am talking about is porn. That was it, porn is the only thing being talked about nothing else mattered. I just felt like fuck this... I left to cool off for a b
  11. Ok maybe this was a mistake. I was kinda not expecting this to go like this and I did ask before saying anything. Like I understand the reaction "lol erp" but honestly you gotta be thinking about this in greater depth than that. Just so you know I developed a VR COOP PVE Zombie shooter similar to left for dead and currently have the most technically advanced live event world in VRC as well as connections with a lot of the biggest streamers and communities in the scene. I also exploring how to monetize in ways nobody is currently doing. sorry for interrupting the conversation about th
  12. VRC is now pushing 45k active players every weekend as far as I can tell. The popularity is increasing and so is money making potential. Assuming its all just because of ERP is pretty ignorant. edit : Its definitely a facet though!
  13. I stress the 18+ aspect because anything lower than that gets an instant kick. After that its pretty meaningless. LOL The semi famous streamers and youtube content creators to exotic pole dancing cat girls. The variety of different hotness levels will likely bend your brain. edit : To add more to this, I have rationalized that when your identity is your avatar then its a form of transhumanism thus by default everyone in VR who identifies as their avatar as their chosen appearance is trans by default. Its a gray area but honestly its an entire topic by itself.
  14. 18+ for anything I am involved with. My friends range from literally 18 to 60 years old. Age is just a number for the most part in this kind of social environment. The oldest person I have ever hung out with was 68 if I recall. Also Quest users have a relatively cheap setup and I try to make sure they are able to hang out in my worlds. edit : as far as the social thing, I am surprised mapcore does not already have a VR meetup. After you experience it you wont want to go back I am not kidding.
  15. Yep, this is a thing and its been this way for a long time. Alcoholism is also big in VR. I know multiple people who have suffered deteriorated health from over drinking. Its extremely common to have a live show or club event where people pass out in game. Your concerns are easily justified.
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