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  1. Yes Revulsion 1 is done entirely with blueprints. The next project, X-Alive is going to be a multiplayer open world survival done entirely with blueprints as well. X-Alive is considerably more complex involving fully moddable items weapons and in even an in game multiplayer level editor. I just wrapped up functionality with the editor so I begin gameplay scripting this week, or very soon. I have not been keeping things updated here because didn't really think anyone was interested. But the complexity of my next project is considerably higher. ill post a proper announcement at a later da
  2. Calling it now, the real lesson to all of this is that people actually just want hardcore servers where they are much more careful to design modern mechanics around forcing people to be more dependent on each other. Once they build a design formula around this these games will become even more addicting.
  3. This is a very big update. It includes a new death mechanic as well as support for the multiplayer level editor. The new death mechanic has a huge overall effect on how the game plays. It makes things a hell of a lot more streamlined and you have a chance to recover before you get the black screen of death. The multiplayer level editor will eventually be available for download on the steam page but for now its located on my google drive. You can download it from here. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RtxJM5JVWTU8mzj-CK3YiLaXN1sNekbI/view?usp=sharing Anyone here who is interested in le
  4. Vlog 26 : Check out the new death mechanic! Hexen style level hubs! Everything is coming together in ways that make me happy! The ability to do Hexen style hub levels is possible now, On top of that I already got the new death mechanic working! I think the new death mechanic has a lot of potential to to help the game feel a lot less randomly punishing. It gives you a chance to react and change your strategy before you actually die. Before the game would just give a you died screen for even bullshit things like one fireball hitting you in the foot by accident. Tonight my goal wi
  5. Latest progress on this and future prospects. I have been doing daily Vlogs lately as I ramp up on this project. Vlog 14 : If you like what you see support me! This is just the beginning! I show off the level editor as I begin putting together a new level and just talk about things in general. I talk about a sale very soon that is going to hopefully get peoples attention very soon. The sale is very important to make it so I can continue working on this project. The level editor, changes improvements to Revulsion 1 and being able to work on Revulsion 2.
  6. Progress has been very good so far, I will be using this to build playable maps very soon. Is anyone here interested in joining in on some multiplayer level design sessions sometime in the near future?
  7. The level editor has already come a pretty long way and I am now getting ready to bring gameplay functionality to it. This level editor can easily be hooked up to any Unreal 4 game as well which is interesting. It would be kind of funny to build Unreal Tournament 4 levels in this thing for example. So I have stopped using my Youtube account pretty much forever. I am only posting video content on my DTube from now on. I pay money every month for the file hosting (IPFS) and its just a much better platform imho. https://d.tube/#!/v/thecastle/QmRXkTfRUAfpqvuiaXtmMeTW4RbBZsgejQKztX5zxcMZqp
  8. This is it! The first test of the multiplayer Revulsion level editor. Yes this means that I will soon be live streaming my level design in a multiplayer environment! I will be streaming more dev work on this editor tonight so drop in to see progress! https://dlive.tv/TheCastle --- If you like what you see Support me! Follow me on DLive! (I live stream nearly every night!) DLive : https://dlive.tv/TheCastle Buying a copy of Revulsion helps too! Revulsion : https://store.steampowered.com/app/719180/Revulsion/ Discord : https://discord.gg/Auq3yrA Twitter : https:
  9. Well, I am now talking about the sequel for my first game. Warning, my voice is louder than its supposed to be in this video. Ill have to fix that in the future. https://steamcommunity.com/app/719180/discussions/0/1640913421068596648/ Revulsion 2 breakdown, looking for feedback. --- These things below are things I am still not sure about. --- - New Name?? (The name was a big issue with Revulsion.) (Psycho-Slaughter??) OR - Just go with Revulsion 2 - Inventory system roughly intact from Revulsion. (Find items and weapons in the field, weight limitation, Equ
  10. HAHA sorry I kinda needed a good rant. Things have been tough lately.
  11. I think city management is a different beast because you are not dealing with creative people. Its so much harder once you get into things to keep design decisions rolling and everyone on board. You need a Miyamoto or Kojima. Someone who has total creative control and uses it. Those kinds of people are rare. But they cut through a ton of bullshit.
  12. I have been going through a phase where I have had a stronger desire to work in the indie space vs working for larger companies. Breaking into the industry has become a different beast. It's rather about breaking into solvency, if you can make enough money to survive its equivalent to getting a job. When you do get a gig where you work for someone in the indie space its a very different as well. You are encouraged to talk about your development. Live stream and use social media regularly. After working in the industry for almost 20 years I have found myself wanting this style of environme
  13. Progress update - New Open world breakdown. In this video I do a breakdown of my progress and future plans as far as what kind of level design we will see in the next big content patch. I also talk a bit about progress on the cryptocurrency side of things as well. Sales for the game have slumped considerably but EOS blockchain support is looking to be positive at the moment which should be great if that goes well. If that happens then I will have a means to really get people to be aware of the game and future projects. Side Note : If you really enjoy the art of level desig
  14. Still a better love story than Voxels! I would love to have the artistic chops to get stuff to look like what Borderlands 3 has.
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