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  1. I didn't get any special plates, I probably already look like a douchebag driving a Porsche, don't need to exacerbate the fact!
  2. Thanks guys! Yes NimbleBit is doing pretty good
  3. No, it's just the base model Carerra.
  4. Just got a crazy beefy new gaming rig and started playing Skyrim. It looks amazing and loads like lightning compared to playing it on the PS3. Unfortunately, it loves to randomly lock up my computer every 5-30 minutes of play. Pretty frustrating. Every other game performs perfectly and the temps / memory on my computer all test out ok. Hopefully 1.4 will fix this for me, I haven't had a chance to try out the beta patch on steam yet.
  5. Nothing Zynga is doing is illegal and we aren't heartbroken, angry or feeling victimized. We just couldn't pass up an opportunity to poke fun at Zynga.
  6. Saw this on dribbler and made me think of this thread. http://dribbble.com/shots/231428--P-for ... r&offset=5
  7. Carve button FTW. Btw I made the original cube graphic and I'm very hurt you are replacing it
  8. Thats a pretty retarded lesson to take away from it.
  9. We buckled and are going this year after all. Look for the dudes in the NimbleBit jackets!
  10. That is my fiance, we are getting married next year! She was sold separately, though I did ask how much I could get to trade her in.
  11. My xmas bonus 2011 Buick LaCrosse CXS
  12. You know you could just go independent and make you own fate and work from anywhere in the world you want, moving as often (or not) as you'd like!
  13. It is definitely difficult enough to cull out a huge segment of potential developers. The only online store that you might be able to make the case for being pretty open is XBLIG (or whatever it is called) which is still pretty limited in terms of what you can charge or do with the game system. I think a good standard for "will a lot of crazy and sometimes legendary stuff get made by unknowns for this platform" is wether or not a high-school developer can get a game onto it. Someone without a company, resources, or business sense but with a lot of time and passion. I don't really feel like
  14. You know you are getting old when you start dismissing emerging trends with the phrase "back in the day".
  15. We have been asked to do talks but we are really lazy.
  16. Not planning on it this year unless some unique opportunity pops up. It's too expensive for the amount of content I am actually interested in.
  17. So are they starting to teach economics classes at game development school programs yet?
  18. It takes a lot of discipline and constant design changes to actually keep the development time short, but we kind of see it as a fun challenge. Whenever we are brainstorming ideas for another game, the most important factor is always how we could reduce the concept down enough to be developed in 2 months or less. Also, it is pretty easy to keep it up in the long run because once you get used to releasing games every few months, you start to get really antsy when things start taking longer than that.
  19. It would take a long assed article to really analyze all the stuff we have done and to try and figure out which things specifically were the most effective, but here are some bullet points of stuff off the top of my head: :arrow: The iPad market is still pretty small compared to the iPhone / iPod market, so it is tough to sell a lot of units there. It will grow over time though, especially every holiday season. :arrow: Try to leverage free if you can, it can be a very powerful tool, especially if your game has mass appeal. :arrow: Try to get on TA, the more your game is in the press t
  20. I agree that ZG had a lot of untapped potential, unfortunately we were completely tapped out personally just getting it to the point it was at and we didn't have the drive to continue on with the amount of work it would have taken to explore it's full potential. I really want to set it free at some point, I just don't know when that will be exactly due to some other complications. Jumping into any market with the expectation of earning money on the first shot without building up experience in that market is probably a little foolhardy. I feel like that is what we did with Zero Gear on St
  21. I have specific regrets about it, but I don't regret the entire thing. I doubt many people hit the bullseye on the first throw, but hopefully with every added effort you can inch a little closer. So mainly I regret that it took 3 years to get my first throw off .
  22. There was a lot of things that went wrong on ZG in hindsight. We never wanted to do a console game though, in the end it probably would have been better to have made a different scope of game... probably something we had more experience in, and something that didn't rely so heavily on multiplayer and other technical factors we didn't have a lot of control over. But it was definitely a gigantic learning experience, and fun to work on for some parts of it . It gives me more perspective on what I want to do now. The iOS stuff up until recently has provided enough to make a comfortable livin
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