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  1. just finished Over the Garden Wall with my 5 year old daughter. We both loved it... Highly recommend.
  2. imagine that world with 2 suns. fuck.
  3. dump doritos in mouth from bowl. problem solved. ps. doritos taste like ass.
  4. but all the other ideas were taken!
  5. level design (and gameplay) for l4d2 is vastly more interesting for versus, imo, but you pretty much have to have a dedicated steam group with serious enthusiasm to play it, since custom versus doesn't really work in the wild. if anybody could turn that around, you guys could.
  6. cincinnati

    [INS] TELL

    i justified spending all that time on the assets for souq in anticipation of using them in an insurgency map down the line. they definitely felt a bit more at home once i started using them in INS.
  7. cincinnati

    [INS] TELL

    I've just gotten this up on the workshop a day in advance of the contest deadline in case there are any last minute issues that need pressed out before officially submitting it. This is definitely a work in progress, and though I'm satisfied with what I've been able to do in the three month window, I plan to put a lot more work into it, including additional game modes and a standalone coop version. In the interest of clarity for the contest, this version is Push mode only. I've not included a nav mesh with the upload. While I have a default generated mesh I've been using that works surprisingly well, I'd like to devote some time to editing it myself before including it with the bsp. In the meantime, I'll try to get that basic mesh up soon for anyone who is curious about seeing some action on the map in a testing capacity. thanks, mapcore... WORKSHOP
  8. what is the secret to making a naked demon and not putting a huge cock on it?
  9. cincinnati


    the cleanliness was/is integral to the theme...it's a newly remodeled metro station. matter of fact, the ribbon-cutting is in about an hour... maps were far too dirty in 2006.
  10. cincinnati


    I've got this map on the workshop now. it's a map i first released for cs:s 7 or 8 years ago on a server i ran, and played for years after until everybody i know stopped playing source and went missing on steam. While the layout has remained essentially unchanged, the textures and props have been updated-significantly with every significant-update to the engine. this is the go version. i appreciate your visit
  11. idk, i read live to work as the choice with the passion. work to live sounds a little bleak.
  12. looks like they're calling them meshes now, as their behavior as demonstrated a little in the wiki looks more in line with a 3d modeling package at a basic level. There is concavity, face deletion, expanded selection options, etc., but it looks like it's retained some of the great simple things like creating displacements and editing via clipping, which I've always wished was easier in 3d packages.
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