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  1. Holy crap that has been a long time. You can update me as Senior Game Designer at IUGO games https://iugogames.com/
  2. Well since I started this topic a LOT has changed in my life. I went on and off of both my low-carb diet and the Gym. I nowadays have a day-to-day low carb diet but do allow myself treats on weekends, social ocasions and such. The secret for me has been staying disciplined on my day-to-day so I can go crazy on special occasions. Now that also means that SOME "special occasions" have been downgraded to "not-so-special". I go out a lot with my co-workers and if I kept drinking beer and burgers every time we hang out there would be no way to keep in shape. The secret for me has been accepting tha
  3. Yeah me too. To me however that heavy/busy oldschool user interface really detracts from the space experience. I wish they do something more like Homeworld with more screenspace for pretty graphics.
  4. Game is finally out! Hope you guys enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it! https://itunes.apple.com/br/app/id991018252 Here is a great game review that highlights the concepts we where going for from the very beginning! http://www.retrocollect.com/Reviews/modern-review-horizon-chase-ios.html
  5. Really happy to stumble upon the announcement this morning. Can't wait for it man, your work has always been inspirational, but this game has been breaking my expectations with every snipped of an update so far (and I havnen't even played it =P lol)
  6. Hi guys! I hate to come asking for votes as much as I hate these kinds of popularity contests, but we have the unprecedented chance to get a booth to showcase our game, at Gamescom. Only the most followed and voted games will be considered for the exhibition, so we really need your support! please register on Playfield's website and click the "follow" button on our game page: http://playfield.io/horizonchase We are in fourth place now and you could really help make the difference! http://playfield.io/gamescom/leaderboard Thanks a lot! You can also find a few short interviews about the game
  7. It's a tropical country, we all pretty much work like that
  8. Thanks guys! The game as it is right now will be released for mobile, yeah, however we are very close into finishing a PC version and you may even see it on consoles as a digital download! That's exciting news for us since it'll be the first to me we self publish something as well as the first time we release something on those platforms! I'll pass your compliments along to the team. We did post a making off of the background art a while back, you can find it here: http://horizonchase.tumblr.com/post/116490627661/palm-island-background-making-of
  9. Hi Guys! I'm very proud to reveal to you all at first hand our brand new self-published title: Horizon Chase! Any feedback is welcome! Below follows our press release for you first hand: A love letter to all the fans of 8 and 16 bit racing games. Porto Alegre, Brazil. 12th May 2015 Brazilian developer Aquiris Game Studio announces Horizon Chase, a homage to the 80s and early 90s classic racing genre. "Our ambitions with this title are to bring back the fast paced gameplay, colourful graphics and responsive controls that we truly enjoyed as players with gems like Out Run, T
  10. Yeah... I've been asking the guys to look into the collision problems for ages but they keep avoiding me. I even tried to bribe the programmers with food to no avail... As for the gun recoil, we are working on the gunplay/feel and should have an update by the end of the week that greatly improves it.
  11. Oh, and you can now play it on Kongregate! No need to use your facebook account! http://www.kongregate.com/games/RumbleGames/ballistic Note that we don't have universal accounts yet, so you will have a new alias and separate account on Kong, even if you log in using your FB account.
  12. Here is a nice user made video review that highlights some of the best aspects of the game:
  13. arhurt

    Substance Designer

    Here is a better video showcasing our use of Substance, it was on the substance GDC booth. https://vimeo.com/62430277
  14. arhurt

    Substance Designer

    Most of the environment textures for Ballistic are made using Substance, and we use a mix of techniques to save on download size for props, weapons and characters. More details here, after 35:30 (bear in mind the quality of our textures has improved by leaps and bounds since then) See it live for yourself here: https://apps.facebook.com/ballistic-game/ (USA/Brazil only for now)
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