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This is my try for the contest :)

im trying to make a level for q3 for a while, but never finished one... So i'll try to finish this one.


First i tried something more vertical, like q1dm4 or q2dm2 (hangar)




but... im not sure if this is a good start.. or if vertical maps are harder to get right... I'll try a little more with this :v

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It depends. If it's just a part of the map maybe it's enough to walk and jump around. For the whole map you should probably play it a bit with bots, see if there's something you want to change and then do it again with real players. Ideally spectate while others play, if you also play your self you might not see how others play it.

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yesterday i worked a little on it :)

I tried to make a shader similar to quake1 splitgate to use on the teleport, but using Q3Ase i replace and lost my other shaders, for my other project :(

anyway, in feeling more comfortable using radiant and using shortcuts, and getting a little faster :)


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Working the visuals. I want to use only stock textures :)

Screenshots are dark. I think my brightness setting on q3 is messed up.

And my radiant (1.6) is having some problems to compile bot files (aas, correct?)... there's some setting i need to change to make it work properly?

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some new images






today i added some items and detailed the higher corner of the map... probably i'll comeback on that area in a future.


and today's build... with working bots, probably :)



Please, comments are appreciated :) I'm a little insecure about the gameplay...


Oh, and i gathered some questions i have, maybe there's someone around who could help me


1-Some places im using texture with scale 0.25 instead of the default value of 0.5. This is a good pratice? this can break my map? or is just a matter of size of texels? And there's someway to make the default value to be .25? cause sometimes i need to change this value everytime i apply a texture to a brush


2-What is the different between nodraw and caulk?


3-using func_group is a good pratice? it have any impact on the game itself, or it's just a way to keep elements together, inside gtkradiant?

4- On some brush faces pointing up to the sky, should I use sky texture or caulk texture on those faces? i'm using sky texture...

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hello :)


1: .25 is fine and will not break your map. the setting to make default texturing .25 is in gtk under edit/preferances/settings/brush


2: not really sure to be honest... i never use nodraw... Id use a patch or a shader with polygon offset for my decals etc.


3: I dont use func_group unless im making a mover. Some do, some don't... its a mapping style thing mostly. See if you like it.


4: use caulk


Your map is missing a texture, you seen to be using a custom texture on most of your walls. Always setup a clean install of quake for testing maps before posting em, saves lots of head aches :) The layout seems cool. could use a lot more graphical polish... apart from that you seem to be going on the right path.


Good job so far. looking forward to playing your final! :)

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1: thanks!

2: oh, ok!

3: i'm using group to keep easy to select stuff on radiant. eg. stairs, or a piece of detailed wall.

4: thanks!


Missing texture: strange. I'm only using stuff from base_wall, base_floor from default quake. I'll set up a clean install to search for the missing tex. Thanks!

Update: Fixed the missing tex. i was using base_wall/basewall04_rept, replaced using base_wall/basewall04 and it's working now. Thanks !

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adding some details, but yet a little lost and confuse about how to make it look more  interesting :)






About overall brightness:

In my Q3 client, the map looks fine, but in screenshots looks very dark, There's a good way to see if the map is with a good ambient light?, not too dark, not too bright?


i was about to upload a new version, but there's not much changes and one trim texture is missing. Also, the tex is still missing when running TA. So no idea where that texture came from. I think i need to clean up my q3 (working) folder. :v

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