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de_disruption feedback


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i'll post some screenshots when i have some time, but i wanted to tell the story about the map and where i am with it first.


this was originally a map for source, released in 2007. i ran it on a server for years and years and it got tons of playtime.   that being said, i never released it beyond that server, and as such, i realize it's never properly been vetted for mass appeal.


it was the first map i ever did any devoted custom assets for, and admittedly, the colors were pretty saturated at times, and equally noisy at others.   when it came to taking another pass at this for cs:go, my primary solution for that (which i thought would be a big timesaver) was to go [heavy handed] on the color correction.




well, i kind of knew this was a flawed strategy going in, so i scheduled this playtest as a way to jolt me in some direction. the feedback today is on its way to doing just that.


if you have specifc complaints about visibility, let me have them here.


i don't really have time to work on the geometry (i shouldn't even be working on this in the first place  :)), but if you have some feedback on it, i'd love to read it.


thanks for playing today, and thanks for the harsh words in response to my harsh treatment of your eyes.  i needed it.

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Oh hi! I'll just C&P this from the playtest thread, probably better to discuss it here instead:


Cincinnati, I realise you're not looking to change much geometry-wise in de_disruption but there are some big improvements you could make with minimal effort:

-Block off the long dead-ends with fences or something. Namely the long corridors near the underground bombsite. Not only do they give attacking players too many dark corners to check, first-time players will always be put off by having to turn back on themselves to return to "the action".

-On the big staircase with the orange walls, fix the B arrow that points the wrong way. I get that it's a passage that's been narratively blocked off so in the real world the signage wouldn't just disappear, but it's frustrating from a gameplay standpoint.

-Make the strip lights in the underground bombsite in to func_illusionary or clip them off so that defenders can't perch on them -- it's just one more awkward place to check in an already complicated space.

-T's start out in that really long canal path followed immediately by another quite long sewer path -- maybe break them up a bit with some more corners so that it doesn't feel like a really long trudge.

-There are lots of neat little holes to shoot people in other areas from, but perhaps a little too many. Options are great and all, but it will always feel unfair to get shot by somebody you have barely any chance of seeing. The most irritating one for me was in the afforementioned big staircase, a little square window on the right-hand side as you go up. The one at the top of the stairs leading down to the outside bombsite seems a little unfair as well, especially given how far away it is from the areas it covers.


All in all I did have fun playing the map, but that was mostly in the context of a playtest -- it threw up some interesting discussions and was fun to analyze.

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Hi, thanks for playtest! I had some really frustrating moments when I walked around the map and got lost or got shot to back. Although it was fun to shoot others back unspotted :P If you could simplify routes it would be really nice. It's sad that I still don't know where all the routes go and the radar didn't really help, because it was sadly little mess. Few times I saw enemies in the radar, but I really didn't know where they were. Even worse was as T to find the dropped bomb :D I found myself in many awkward positions. As T I had to rush to bombsite, because it was easiest way to win.

Like text_fish said, you should simplify the layout of routes to make it easier to spot enemies. In this map you really have to walk few hours to learn the map. One playtest wasn't really enough to find balance issues. All the time went to learning map. I'm not sure are you trying to make this a competitive map or just fun public map? As a public map this isn't that bad as we tell, but if you are aiming to 5v5 you really need to make overlay a lot simplier. It's my biggest concern that it takes too long to figure out how this map works. Only solution is to simplify places. I hope you do so, just in sake of new players. You have done a lot of work in this and keep going with the progress. It's a fine map, but not yet great. Hope to see some changes before next playtest :)

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competitive play wasn't on my radar when i made this 7 years ago.  it was designed for a specific scenario...12v12 no awps/autos and was hugely successful in that niche for 5 great years on a cs:s server i ran.


i don't run that gaming community any more, nor do i play much cs, so perhaps its time has passed. 


that being said, i'll definitely do some more graphical passes on it to improve legibility, put it on the workshop, and see what happens. but i'm not really committed to reworking the formula, geometry-wise, unless by some miracle, people on the workshop eat it up and, by consensus, demand change.


thanks for taking the time to play and write  :)

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