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looks cool

i remember there used to be an article on gamasutra about games with one button input that were supposed to navigate around on some terrain ( and no i dont mean sending units around rts style with left mouse clicks thats 3 inputs mouse vertical mouse horizontal and left click)

that article blew my mind !

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This is a fun game, and the menu is really slick too. Stopped at level 9 as it was becoming too cumbersome once you had to draw lines. I'd have opted for designs where you could draw lines to save time, or limit bounces (challenge mode) but didn't have to to complete them

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very cool! Played it thru, took maybe a half hour. 704 button presses :)

I agree the controls are a bit cumbersome, there is a good bit of delay between button press and action, maybe because it has to determine which action you intend by whether you hold the button or not? Although the blocks turn regardless of whether you hold it or not... so I'm not sure. I understand you don't want it drawing little lines everywhere everytime you spin, but maybe retroactively draw from where you started pressing the button rather than once you passed the "are you holding?" threshold. There were numerous attempts that failed because the line started drawing just a little too late, because I pressed the button right when I wanted the line to start.

The blocks are also sluggish in spinning, there are several parts which are difficult simply because you have to start spinning immediately after a bounce in order to properly redirect in time. I think the puzzle mechanic is strong enough in this game to where it doesn't need to be made "artificially" harder by requiring super-quick reflexes.

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      Two new asset releases!

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