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[Mod] Shock Illusion Studios currently recruiting

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Hi everyone,

we (the Shock Illusion Studios) are currently recruiting :arrow:

But first of all something about us.

We're currently developing a modification for the FPS Crysis, called Aurora - Maximum Space.

December 2007, we' ve started the Concept phase with 3 devs. Since that we've grown up to ca 22 Developers.

We set our mod in the year 2138 and created a story for public:

It's the 21st November 2138: Despite many attempts, the political situation in the world did not really improve. Since 2050 again there is a Cold War between the NATO and the UAP (United Asia Pact), an alliance between Russia and China. This led to a renewed rush into space. All over the world scientists were developing new engines and weapons. When the NATO sent out a space probe with a hyperspace drive 2078, the UAP had no chance to get ahead in space anymore. The NATO advanced furthermore by sending out more probes and spaceships. A highlight in this development was the discovery of ozone in the atmosphere of a planet in the alpha centauri system, which is about 4 and a half lightyears away.

Since Ozone is considered as assured sign for a breathable atmosphere, the NATO sent out a mission, to examine the suitability for settlement.

By now this colony is inhabited by about 2000 civilians and 500 soldiers. So far, it seemed that the planet was only inhabited by bacterias, fishes and early amphibians.

But the first impression wasn´t true. Today at 2´o´ clock middle european time a SOS arrived at the NATO headquarter. The entire colony was overrun and all resistance was destroyed.

A few survivors could send out a SOS, before they had to flee to the mountains.

The NATO administration didn't hesitate and sent out the Aurora, their most modern spaceship, to rescue the survivors.

Equipped with the most modern and powerful weapons, the cold war has created, the crew had to face a completely unkown threat.

Today we're currently in the prealpha stage and did a great progress.

For more infos, feel free to visit our homepage by klicking www.aurora-mod.de[here/url]!

Now the recruiment part =)

We're looking for :

But great 3D Artists or other are also welcome!

The Conditions:

You should be interested in the mod,

You should have excellent knowlegde on your field of activity,

You should be able to work in a team,

You should work active for the mod.

What can we offer you?

a team, that's active, higly motivated and have a geat humor ;)

root server where set up three FTPs and a crysis modtestserver, for testing our pre alpha build

Some facts:

SP and MP mod

huge aims

scfi (but not to futurelike ;) )

So if you're interessted in helping us to create this great mod, simply write a short post.

Greetings Shock illusion Studio


Some links:





And of course some pics:





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