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  1. I've been working on a map called Retail Therapy which sees you chasing the same Rune you were after in my last map Altitude. It's now playable end to end so if anyone fancies giving it a go I'd love to hear to what you think p-link is: m-MC0iuUs2j6
  2. I've been having a lot of fun doing level design for a game called Prodeus. The same level editor the devs use is baked into the game and it handles all the scripting/geometry/level distribution. Means one person can realistically make a level on their own without having to learn a whole bunch of different tools.
  3. I've put together a short making of video to show how Altitude evolved and some of the design decisions that were taken along the way:
  4. Altitude has now been published, overall I think it's a large improvement from my last map Transit, especially when it comes to texturing and set pieces. I've learned a crazy amount along the way though and there are so many things I'd do differently if i was starting again. If you fancy giving it a play the p link is: m-ht1EjFQZov
  5. After being fortunate enough to receive a bunch of play through videos I've been doing a lot of tweaking with spacing and enemy positions and nearing the point where I'm happy. The end is beginning to come into site, the next step is more polish with the visuals (one of the areas I don't think I'm that strong in yet). I've started to add color back in as it was looking a bit too grey. If you've got Prodeus and haven't given it a play yet I'd love a video of your first play through. It's publicly viewable now or you can get it with the p-link: m-ht1EjFQZov
  6. This is looking really cool. I went there with my fiancé a year ago, just showed her the hammer screenshot and she instantly knew where it was.
  7. I'm using the new year as an excuse to look at how Turbulence has changed over its month of development. This is the first playable version (when the plane would go through a canyon with scrolling textures and platforms hovered via giant fans) to the much more refined experience there is now. Still a long way to go but sometimes it's nice to look back and realise how far you've already gone.
  8. Focus for the last week has been: Making outdoor lighting more dramatic Optimising a lot of geometry and then optimising it again, I'm approaching the recommended 15k max so every face is precious Polishing particles and scripting on all 4 plane interactions Removing several soft locks (checkpoints not resetting level state has required a lot of mover re-scripting on player re-spawn) Fixing a number of other bugs that came back from testing Adding 3 more secrets Starting to add in distance detailing Adding geometry in the distance has been an interesting experience. When I started Turbulence I wanted to try making a super open level as I'd heard Prodeus largely renders all the geometry all the time so optimisation comes from aspects like total face count, dynamic lighting and the number of nearby particles. Coming from a hl2 background not worrying about vvis seemed liberating. What I hadn't accounted for was a max draw distance (including the faces which draw the sky), after adding in a bunch of far off cliffs and huge sky I had to re-make everything more compact and redo the geometry for the sky to be an octagon rather than a square to ensure no playable area was greater than the max draw distance to any part of it. The focus for next week will be making the finale pop. I've got feedback from a few people on the Prodeus discord already but it would be great to get some Mapcore feedback. There's currently a build accessible with the p link: m-ht1EjFQZov
  9. Spent Sunday morning Toying with taking the exterior in a moodier direction. And having a lot of fun discovering the particle effects that have been added since the game left beta!
  10. I've been working on a level called Turbulence for the contest. The concept is you have to navigating between plateaus while powering down anti air defenses in order to gain access to a heavily defended robotics plant. This is my second map for Prodeus, I was happy with my first but felt it lacked standout moments, it was a steady ramp up of combat and then it was over. I'm trying to address that here by having memorable moments involved in how the player moves between areas. Here's some editor shots of what I've got so far:
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