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  1. Love this work man. So nice to see what this looks like adn see the work you've put into it!
  2. trevor

    [CS:GO] de_policeacademy

    Amazing work on the update, I genuinely have no clue how you redesign and update the layout with the full panorama map so cleanly good work. I had some friends take a look with me and the points we found were that the catwalk you made on A site might be a little too tight? The only other issue is the bomb being able to be planted inside the truck trailer might be a bit too good though the layout with the truck itself might be good. My biggest feeling is there that might be too much. As in having two floors accessible in the buildings next to the bombsites is fine, but also having the connections to mid and an underground area between the two sections might be too much? Absolutely love the work and feel put into the map! Definitely looks like something having my mates try to pug on to playtest we'd have a good time. Appreciate the work and ideas you're putting into this.
  3. This was effectively the first layout idea I made and drafted out. It can be faster in some ways to some stuff on pen and paper but going through it this way through hammer helps me visualize angles and see things more clearly that are flawed and help with a sense of scale at least. Even though this is my first map I'm working on essentially I want to end up with something I can be proud of working on and developing. That said I don't want anything to fancy as I'm not skilled, but want to create something that is at least a joy to play. The only main thing I was happy with while sketching out this layout was the "long a" at the bottom of the image with the idea of being lower compared to the bombsite platform. Only other concept I like the idea of working with is the middle being a covered interior. Feels extremely intimidating for the first time but I'm extremely happy to at the least make my first step.
  4. First layout complete. I see many things wrong with it though for sure so have already scrapped a lot and starting to rebuild.


  5. From the few hours I've played dying light this made me think this was the official map at first for some moments. So amazing to see this hard to give any criticism of any kind. Then again I'm still a bit new so my eyes are untrained.
  6. Its so odd how you can fix one thing when figuring out the map design and feel around 5 other locations have been made worse.

  7. Getting so so close to a full playable greybox of some form to start messing with so exciting to see how awful it'll turn out after finished 😅


  8. trevor

    [CS:GO] de_policeacademy

    This looks sick man for sure. Definitely cool to see this amazing theme and idea! Feels like if you test it in gameplay it may feel like there are too many long open streets for ct's to have strong control of. The detail you've made looks fantastic though.
  9. trevor

    Yanzl's Source Emporium

    Allowing non-commercial access to all this is insane man. I know once I finish my first layout attempt that the radar generator will be immensely helpful. All these assets as well are astonishing as well.
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