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  1. Can we create a small game in C++/Python or are we required to use an existing engine?
  2. Loving the update to the website. My only suggestion is to have the "Our Picks" slowly scroll through all the picks.
  3. Here is a easy movie.
  4. Is it considered cheating if I googled the license plate number and found the movie? If not here is the movie,
  5. R.I.P my current project with 'RZL and The Horse Strangler
  6. @FMPONE Can you give a hint? Maybe the decade or something else?
  7. Sorry @[HP] guess again! Here is another hint!
  8. Here is an easy one, unfortunately there aren't any eagles in this movie.
  9. I feel stupid for not getting it the first time, you were even keeping with the eagle theme. Is it Eagle Eye?
  10. Good news boys, I have identified one of the actors.
  11. @Sprony This one has been bugging me the whole week. I know there was some rock star in it but I can't remember who. Maybe give us another hint?
  12. MaanMan

    [CS:GO][WIP] de_sanchez

    That might make the optimization worse. As all objects in the skybox are rendered if a player can see a 3d_skybox texture. It might be best to be aggressive with horizontal hints and area portals.
  13. If they want to colonize a new planet, why are they sending a gay couple? The rest of the cast is ready to mate like rabbits and start populating the planet. Maybe, the gay couple is there to be midwives. Maybe I'm just naive and there is a good reason to have the gay couple. The only reason I see is to make the cast more diverse.
  14. Correct! Your turn now.
  15. This one shouldn't be too hard!
  16. It looks like Rouge One but it doesn't look sci-fi enough. Not sure with this one.
  17. I guess it was a bit too easy! Your turn now!
  18. Here is one of my favorite movies.
  19. Had to google "movie kills diabetic with candy" but I found it! It is Big Nothing.
  20. Possible but that one mountain looks like k2 and the sky never is that foggy. If it is Colorado it wouldn't take me long to get some references for you, @OrnateBaboon
  21. I'm guessing the game calculates the kill participation using a formal like this (Kills + Assists) / (Enemy Total Deaths). I believe when someone is killed they are not dead until they respawn. So if the enemy mercy revives a player, you can get two kills off of their one death.
  22. Got a new watch, and it feels like it is straight out of a James Bond movie. The compass and tide clock are the two coolest features I have seen on a watch.
  23. MaanMan

    EU Referendum

    I was wondering what people's thoughts are on the UK leaving the EU. Personally, I was very surprised to see the vote turn out this way. I am also worried for what Scotland will do in the next few years. Will there be another Scottish Independence referendum? How will the EU referendum affect European and international relationships?
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