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  1. Some good points. thx I see what I can do for my next release.
  2. My final submission: Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xxt7f1ajai3j8mh/map-infected.zip?dl=0 Good luck to everyone! p.s Why are there so few space maps?
  3. Name: Christoph Grafl Nick: 1nfern0 Map Name: Infected Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xxt7f1ajai3j8mh/map-infected.zip?dl=0
  4. There is my mess: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vr5tk8vn2xbadas/map-infected-r1.zip?dl=0 You will need to increase your hunkMegs to load this map. And as my gfx card is bugging me I can't say how bright it is (I can't use the brightness slider) It might need some readjustment on your side. I play and built this map with: /r_ignorehwgamma 1 /r_gamma 1.0 (actually this is the default value) *edit: and /com_hunkMegs 256 I hope you like it
  5. It works,not as good as in your map. But it's definitely an improvement. There is only a small line left that comes from the skybox model. I just don't know why they are there, because I'm using the same shaders as yours.
  6. I can play it without a problem, and the only difference from my config to the default config are the increased hunkmegs Try /com_hunkMegs 256 in the console and restart. Double check if q3 really increased the hunkmegs in your q3config.cfg under "seta com_hunkMegs "256"". Big maps and mods needs more ram to start.
  7. You forgot the .arena file, without it you can't see nor select your map in the menu.
  8. It seems to work, I see no lines in your map . Idk how it will look like with my map but I will try it later on when I'm done with most of the work. Thanks Hipshot!
  9. Yes, I guess you mean the black lines on the skybox I've heard it has something to do with texture clamp. Is there any bugfix for this?
  10. quite good. I'm just a bit concernded about the size of the map, it might be to small for 8 players.
  11. @ I was aware of cgtextures, what I meant was already done texture sets by someone else. I'm lazy But I couldn't find fitting ones, so I refurbished the old q3 textures. I'm almost finished with the brushwork, and will now work my way through all the faces and align the textures correctly. The jumppad and teleporters are finished(I might change the colour later on) and I replaced the q3 textures I was using with new ones. (They are both 512x512, the old one are 128x128px).
  12. @Z(Rus) yes it is a model,would be a PITA to do this with patches. @Hipshot Thanks man! @Z3LCIAH thx. That would be their nightmare I've decided to use only quake 3 textures as It's hard to get new ones (broken links etc.) or I don't know if I can use them regarding their license. Would you count this contest as a commercial use? Anyway, the brushwork is almost done and I will work on the jumppads now and get rid of the placeholder.
  13. I'm done with the dome. I will optimise and unwrap it properly near the end, as I might change it and I dont want to do this twice. I will now concentrate on the brushwork and paint some textures or find one, sadly most of the awesome texture pack sites shut down.
  14. I did a test with ~90k tris and my fps dropped from constant 90 to 82, if I turn arround very fast. And I dont have a monster pc. Just make sure to increase the hunkmegs, or q3 crashes while loading. Nice gothic architecture
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