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  1. Hello again fellow Mappers and Quakers! We're currently at 22 mappers and 7 judges all fired up and ready to go. We'd love to have you join our fun filled event, but time is running out! Just to let you know, today is the last day to sign up for this contest. This is hands down our biggest Contest ever! Things are about to get real interesting for all those involved. If you're still hesitating, it might help to know that we're also accepting previously unseen and unsubmitted work. So if you have an old gem or two lying around that you think you can polish off in a month, this is a great opportunity to submit it and get it rated by our Judges! So don't delay, Join today! Last chance Mappers Sign Up Here: http://leray.proboards.com/board/90/mappers-sign Judges Sign Up Here: http://leray.proboards.com/board/89/judges-sign Our Current List of Mappers, some of whom you might recognize NIN-KitsuneValley Margaal thehappyfriar Animo fifthelephant giftmacher peeweerota spirit devilx4 m (aka Maric) tehSandwich ace macanah stormshadow krisuroku JohnnyDean crombrom Text Fish cocerello henneck Pan WixenExt See you there
  2. The contest currently has 17 mappers and 6 Judges ready to go! We'd like to have at least 20, but it seems there's nobody from MapCore representing! There's less than 3 days left before the start of the contest, so don't miss it! If you're a Quake 2 player with a bit of taste, you can be a judge. If you can use Radiant, Quark or Trenchbroom you can map for Q2. We've got a few Q3 and Q1 mappers signed up so it's anyone's game! We want challengers from different backgrounds and skill levels to try and claim the title! Perhaps this will help to make up your mind about how much fun it can be: So don't delay, Join Today. Only 3 days left, see you there! http://leray.proboards.com/board/90/mappers-sign (Previews of our past mapping contests) Click on the images to go to each Contest Section: So don't delay, Join Today. Only 3 days left, see you all there!
  3. What I can see TrenchBroom 2 isn't out to the public yet. Do you think it will be out by the contests start date? Will probably not participate, have never played much Q2 MP but got curious cause at the moment I'm sitting with Trenchbroom (v1) and doing a Q1 SP map. Look forward to following the contest though! Hey, If you'd like to obtain a beta version of TrenchBroom 2. Check out this thread: http://leray.proboards.com/thread/3615/mapping-editors-tool-downloads
  4. You already said that. Knowing this is a Deathmatch contest, why do you keep ranting here? You're basically saying you have nothing postive to contribute to this thread, and since you don't even map for Q2, why do you even care if this contest is DM or SP? Here's an awesome SP campain called Slight Mechanical Destruction recently produced by Musashi you probably never even heard of. Will you try it? I doubt it... http://musashi.backshooters.com/smd.html
  5. Quake 2 Multiplayer is alive and well, so for those people playing it's anything but boring: http://tastyspleen.net/quake/servers/list.cgi But if you still feel that's the case, I have an interesting challange for you. Create a multipurpose map, that could work for SP and MP, and can be adapted for both with minimum alterations. It's been done before so it's possible, permitting it has a compact design and the right type of layout. We'll accept intersting submissions like this, and maybe even give you extra points for ingenuity. Here's a few easy steps to get a modern Quake 2 client with upgraded graphics and get started today: http://leray.proboards.com/thread/3541/play-quake-easy-steps-started Many of our mappers are using Radiant but some are now experimenting with a new version Trenchbroom (V2), which happens to be the newest breed of editing. It features intuitive full 3d extrusion ideal for speed mapping and rapid prototyping. Here's a preview of V1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-1pM55k4WM I was able to get the hang of V1 in a few hours, so most should have no problem picking it up just by watching youtube videos. Also Trenchbroom V2 features full Quake 2 support and we're helping to beta test it during this Contest. Check out how easy it is: Please stop by our forum to find out more: http://leray.proboards.com/board/81/10th-mapping-contest
  6. Dear Quakers! Q2 Cafe is proud to announce the 10th Mapping Contest that will be hosted at http://leray.proboards.com We thought you could use a good challenge, so here it is! This is the big 10 so we're planning something memorable. We'd love for everyone to sign up by February 15th, and have at least a full month afterwards to make something awesome. The last Contest was held back in December of 2011, making this one extra special due to a backlog of great ideas that have been saved up over the years! There's no pressure to construct superb works of art, unless of course you want to, and we'd love to accommodate new mappers and beginners alike. We know everyone likes a good challenge so we're also looking for challengers to claim the top title. The past events were all smash hits that rewarded the Quake 2 community with awesome new maps, and we don't see that changing this time. Most importantly this contest is about the fun experience and group activity that will enrich and expand our playing field. We would hate for any mappers to miss out on this exciting event that will surely stimulate everyone's imagination for years to come! And just so you know... there's already a number of top mappers who are psyched to have this contest in order to showcase their latest work and mapping skills in a venue like the good old days. They know how much this kind of group activity can help inspire creativity within the individual and the community. Many have great ideas they have been holding onto for years, and some of them are just itching to be realized. We're sure there's many more people out there who'd love to join but just need a little nudge and some motivation to unlock the mapper in them. Imagine what you can make given all the great editors available today and provided the right outlet! Now's the time to do it and flex your mapping muscle. All entries are welcome, big or small, they will all help make this Mapping Contest a success. Lastly we need capable judges to help rate the maps at the end of this contest. If you know someone like that, please feel free to invite them as well. So do you think you got what it takes? Visit Q2Cafe and join the Contest today http://leray.proboards.com/board/81/10th-mapping-contest Cheers Level Lord
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