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  1. EA Create (25 % done) Crysis (99 % done) Crysis 2 (80+ % done) Cod Modern Warfare 2 (finished) Cod Black Ops (just started...) and Angry Birds ... (50 % done) bolded = currently playing
  2. Mkz

    The random model thread!

    how about top & side views
  3. i like everything else exept the rocks in the last shot... i wanna see the layout !!
  4. I'd say its 32" I WANT THAT MONEY!! now.
  5. Mkz

    The random model thread!

    i've never seen a windmill like that... reference photo(s)?
  6. well.. now its ~10 kB/s i dont mind waiting for few weeks..
  7. why not .bmp downloading... its gonna take a year or two. ~1.5 kB/s
  8. i have another idea... fy map contest. must have an layout must have a good original theme no custom content. weapons not at the spawn. (maybe some bad weapons)
  9. how about not making any contests? instead of that let the people in here pick few people to make a mapcore hl2 single player mission like... everyone who wants in has to reply to some topic. then there would be a poll and the community could pick 3-5 of the "best" designers/mappers and then the 3-5 best designers/mappers would make the hl2 sp mission. ofc some1 should write a story for that or something...
  10. looks good.. how about adding some colored lights in there?
  11. Mkz

    FY Caerlaverock

    Some random guy made another aim_dust map (just a box with... boxes) and i told him about the unoriginality of the theme... well... then he said that i have 2 days to make a better map. And i thought it would be nice to see what i can do in that time... Thats mainly the reason for some of the errors in the map. I'll propably make a de_ version of this map. but then there's no time limit so i can waste more time making/aligning textures, special effects and lighting. Lighting seems to be the only thing i get crits about... :/ What do you think about the tower? It was just a cylinder but i think it looked ugly so i added the top part... Kinda OT but anyway: Funny how func_walling reduces compiling time... I compiled the map. vis took 1,5 hours of the time. then i noticed some small errors at the spawnpoints (too close to each other -> some people died at the spawn) so i had to edit that. I func_walled lots of things when i fixed the spawns and vis took only 3 minutes
  12. brushes. i dont like sprites. only sprite used in the map is the 1 i used in env_glow ill propably make another next week... this took 2 days to plan & make... imagine what i could do in 7 at least there would be less errors...
  13. Mkz

    FY Caerlaverock

    Map: fy_caerla (caerlaverock, image google for it...) Spawn points: 16+16 (~3 vs 3 is perfect...) "no pix, no clix": Map done in 2 days... DL: My website: http://koti.mbnet.fi/mikeliuz/fy_caerla.rar Fpsbanana: http://www.fpsbanana.com/maps/24801
  14. what models? no models used... there is env_glow entity in the lamps... (cant really see it from those angles) ill change the lighting color as soon as i get home. (im at work)
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