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  1. http://steamcommunity.com/games/447820/announcements/detail/522815521162602175
  2. there's one next to the main ent to the church on salerno but my rockets and rifle nades go right through the wall w/o blowing up
  3. you could have too many lights hitting the same brush face or increase your heapsize maybe
  4. redid the entire square of my jagd remake. wanted to be a little more rural and provide better cover so i turned it more into a walled in area around a farmhouse
  5. germans definitely need more exits from their last spawn outside C. too easy for americans to get into C and just camp their one exit
  6. i like the name. even official names of operations during the war would be silly today (operation goodwood lol)
  7. @Bastion there's a playlist up http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=793269906
  8. if workshop was gonna go down it would be today of all days
  9. i need to work on my other map more but this one is coming along faster at the moment
  10. @Radu that would be nice as well. i was thinking maybe camo netting could work to provide concealment from above and kinda toyed with it earlier
  11. @Bevielis did you turn off mat_specular before you built cubemaps?
  12. wow love the look of the terrain and detail so far. after playing some bf1 argonne forest i'm hoping for some fun bunker close quarters combat from the looks of it
  13. @Radu Yeah I've thought about that, but I hated how closed in and claustrophobic the dod:source version of jagd felt. It didn't feel like a lived in area or real to scale and I think DoI is trying to shy away from that. I have some ideas for cover and might replace the monument with some AA guns or something to block off LOS and some cars and such, but it will come down to how it goes once I can start testing it. It won't really be avoidable if it's the middle objective, but I don't want it to be so much of a camp-fest/meat grinder like the square in Salerno seems to be right now.
  14. working out some layouts for the buildings near allied spawn looking into the square
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