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  1. Damn, if i only knew having a church was a requirement after all
  2. Haven't noticed that but I'll check the spawns. This area will be cut off with the next update, i should have done that long ago really. I made some tests. For anyone who doesn't know, it's possible to make more complex capture zones by assigning more than one block to a cap zone. Seems obvious now but i didn't know. Thanks for the feedback. Very much appreciated!
  3. It would result in instant internet drama (and the collapse of space-time as we know it). @Xanthi On a more serious note: I can imagine you got better stuff to do than babysit some hobbyists, but like modtools said: since there is no stream will you maybe find time to post some feedback? Would be topnotch!
  4. Thats how it looks on my end. The skybox is really bright an suggests sunlight but the lighting in your level says otherwise, it feels like a cloudy day. Try to increase brightness (direct sunlight) and/or reduce ambient in the light_env entity. Even on cloudy days you get some kind of directional shadow from the sun. But first find a better skybox, i really can't tell you what to choose, but maybe something more moody - darker?
  5. The height variation throughout the map is pretty cool and the different areas do feel distinct. I like the blinding light effect at the end of the tunnel. A smart idea i haven't seen before. But i'd tone it down a bit, so a player can at least identify a silhouette standing outside. What this map would really benefit from are direct sunlight and shadows on the outside areas, maybe a less cyan skybox? Good stuff, keep it up!
  6. I want to hear anybody say that this extra month of dev time will be detrimental to their maps quality. As far as i see, those who actually finished their entry aren't complaining.
  7. @The_Amish. Fixed textures the day after the stream. About B: I had the feeling it is a bit axis heavy, but i've only played with bots so far and they are just bonkers. Thanks for your opinions.
  8. After the walk of shame on the stream (my fault rly) here are some screenshots with exquisite features... like textures @Xanthi Thanks for hosting it anyway and giving some feedback!
  9. Summer 1945 HQ has ordered us into the mountains to dispose of a overzealous officer and his troops. Nazi Germany may have surrendered but this guy won't stand down. The coward thinks he can hide in a secluded valley on the german - austrian border. Let's get rid of him once and for all!
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