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  1. I just wanna say one thing: I kinda lost momentum, and I'm working on it very slowly, and at the same time, I started learning C# and Unity, so maybe it will took a long time, becouse I'm lazy. However the update is coming, I'm just simply slow! Oh and I'm learning German too...
  2. Omg, what happend to this map (But in a kind of good way)
  3. Some little problems: The map wasn't really aligned to the grid. So, I need to fix it.... It might take a while...
  4. Finally, I'm back from my holiday, so I'm gonna realese a version very soon, wich tries to fix a lot of the problems discovered in the playtest!
  5. Sorry for the long break. I'm on a holiday, and I'm not coming back until August 9th. The Playtest actually went better than I thought. The map definatly had problems, aka: Too much headshot angles, But Most of the people said, Including TopHATTWaffle, and Squidski said that it could be a great level, if I were to remove those little things, that screw up the level. And A was.... A wasn't the best... But that's what I'm gonna work on, If I come back!
  6. Screwed up the uploading of the image.
  7. Is this really an Overwatch hero? (btw it's cool, but weird)
  8. Oh shit, it is possible to get out of the map with a 4 man boost
  9. Now that's... An original, and very cool idea. Not sure how it plays, but it doesn't look bad neither!
  10. I'm not dead! But there's a playtest on the 24th of July, on TopHATTWaffles server. So i didn't wanted to change much things until then. But I have some new textures, wich will be implemented after the playtest!
  11. Those tiles are looking extra cool! But thr layout is very boring. Every round will play kinda the same. CTs rush out, and catch Ts off-gourd, while going to one of the sites.
  12. Finally updated the workshop pictures: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1768264465
  13. I didn't posted pictures for a long time, so here's some:
  14. Even if this is a cool idea, my head just hurts from these colors... Please turn the contrast down a bit.
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