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    Our current layout, still heavily wip, but don't wanna be super quite about it here
  2. It looks insane, but for some reason, those perfectly symmetrical cabels just hurt my eyes. But other than that... Good job!
  3. The map looks amazing, and all the areas seem uniqe, I'm looking forward to this entry! Good luck!
  4. What do you mean exactly by "detailing"? @JonyDrake
  5. I mean.... Yeah, this map wasn't 'released' to the public (only some playtest videos), but this map was almost done in January... And that was a long time ago, not sure how I feel about it, becosue you had so much more time, for everything... It just simply wasn't out in the workshop. (And they started working on it, in decembot of 2015 ) And don't get me wrong, what you did, is absolutely stunning, and you deserve to win this competition, it just feels unfair.
  6. @JonyDrake You really seem to elevate this map! Nice work so far!
  7. From a map made by a guy with probably zero experience, to map, that has obviusly the most potential. At this point, you would be able to win this competition. Good luck, looks very promising!
  8. @FMPone God damn it, that was one of the most annoying thing I've ever seen. I tried for like 45 minutes straight... To beat that one part. And then realised... I had to go back...
  9. Oh man. We picked the same theme. But you look much better at this point! But good luck, your map looks very promising!
  10. You are the perfect example, how to build a map on community feedback. The map was HORRIBLE in it's first state. But you made it a really strong entry by now. It looks absolutly amazing, and the layout became fun to play! Big congrats!
  11. Omg, what happend to this map (But in a kind of good way)
  12. Screwed up the uploading of the image.
  13. Is this really an Overwatch hero? (btw it's cool, but weird)
  14. Now that's... An original, and very cool idea. Not sure how it plays, but it doesn't look bad neither!
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