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  1. Thanks flickaa! Working on removing/replacing many of these for the next update. Swamped with work, but hopefully over the weekend
  2. Thanks everyone! And yes, brushes hanging will be torn banners and such For now trying to paint some shapes to help the composition ... and possible nade targets? haha
  3. Thanks, guys! For anyone interested, here is the workshop link that just went up. https://tinyurl.com/yd8o43b4 Looking forward to hearing your feedback! It is a simple layout, but I have had a ton of fun making it.
  4. I decided to spend some time taking classes and mentorships last year based on environment art. I felt if I could better understand environment art, I could hopefully become a better level designer. I embarked on a mentorship with Ryan Benno, a modeling course with Andres Rodriguez, and a foliage course with Jeremy Huxley. The following work is a byproduct of their incredible courses, fantastic teaching, and guidance. I strongly recommend each one. I decided to work some of this new art back into Venom. Excited to share more soon!
  5. I have been trying to chip away in any free time to get some work in on Venom. With that said, I reworked the layout and the art to feel a little more consistent overall. Hoping to share more of the art soon-- for now I wanted to share the newest version of the layout and finally get it into the workshop. I should have the workshop link shortly
  6. UPDATE April 15 2018: Here is the workshop link In the works for three and a half years, with the help of Rabbid Monkey (Spencer Rose), looking to release this passion project of mine very soon ™ ! Hidden deep within the jungle, a once-abandoned military base originally intent on destroying the world has been resurrected... Check out these snapshots into the new world of VENOM. Still WIP/Aplha & looking for feedback. Thanks to my brother for helping me make a badge/logo for the map
  7. Honestly, had no idea. I will move to changing the name and start a thread
  8. Finally had some time over the holidays to get back to this. DE_TITAN. ( hopefully that isn't taken haha )
  9. Hi friends! Hope all is well! Been working on this project off and on for about ~3 years. Trying to be more open and stay motivated to get it pass the finish line. Its my love letter to classic spy films. All very WIP at the moment.. -jonny
  10. Always wanted to make crates haha. That and a little jughead.
  11. Beautiful as always!! Love the pub name! Haha. Looking forward to it!
  12. awesome chris put a nice little teal beacon light on that tower haha
  13. Anyone with UDK / UE4 Experience comment on this ? Was wondering about wrapping my mind around multiples of 10 or converting the editor to powers of 2... If I choose power of 10, what are some scale sizes commonly referenced in UE4? (Player Heights, Crouch, Etc)
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