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  1. I don't recognise half of these rooms, did you make new ones?
  2. I really like this map, very halo-esque. I personally like the idea of a one level map, I think it'll play quite well. The grass and rock textures need reworking though, as ifO's said. Really wants to make me start my JB map D:.
  3. Well if it's not that, it'd the BBFC muscling in, letting Rockstar know who's boss, and that's not what they're supposed to do.
  4. That's funny, because Manhunt 2 is banned and Postal 2 isn't. If we're banning people for being controversial, now. I'm pretty sure that because that guy killed that other guy and everyone thought it was Manhunt, which made that guys parents campaign for tighter restrictions on games, they might've perhaps peer pressured the BBFC into not having this game released? Like how all those songs got banned on the radio after 9/11. I'm pretty sure also that the parents just want someone to blame ("I'm very disappointed. This is rubbing salt into the wounds in the month we will be marking the annive
  5. Tbf I'm inclined to deal with FMPONE, it'd be awesome if these kinds of things that jeanpaul makes were made into a map or at least a big setpiece, but it's just a big tube with nicely aligned textures, a pipe and a light_environment. But then again, I wasn't fond of that Build engine stuff either :/.
  6. spacer


    I'd reduce the lightmap size on that wall by the ladder going up the building, or at least disable the ladders shadows. That, and de_liquidwebx0007.jpg and de_liquidwebx0001.jpg look very plain. I'm not sure what de_liquidwebx0001.jpg is used for, add some parking stripes and more cars if it's a parking lot, add some garbage and more containers if it's for storage. de_liquidwebx0007.jpg is too dark. It needs something in the middle of the room to lighten up the general area. Apart from that and what warby said, nice job. Looks pretty generic indoors though, I have to say.
  7. I know what Defrag's on about, detail gets lost when you resize it down, so you can only really judge it on the final texture. (Also, I resized the first texture down and resharpened it, and it doesn't tile very well, there's a big dark patch on the middle right of the texture that'd be noticeable) If you're on about just the overall look of the thing, it's quite good, but the red stripes in the middle look like they've been put on with spray paint, but are straight lines which wouldn't really be feasable if it actually was spray paint. Either make them more defined or have them wiggle slight
  8. I don't seem to have match colour, what version of photoshop are you running meth? Also tbf, I agree with Warby, this tutorial isn't really showing the creation of next gen/whatever we're calling it now textures (no guide on bump/spec maps/illum maps)
  9. spacer


    I can't see any of the pics D:
  10. How about a compo where you have to make a CTF/FF map with a random restriction (only hl2 content/size restriction/only using flat colour textures, ala the quake 3 geo contests), rather than just a DM map
  11. Radiant is quite easy to use once you get used to it. And patches are awesome .
  12. Well here's mine: Download Dm_repeater :4 spawns :Weapons: Combine rifle, Magnum, Shotgun, Crossbow :Bugs: The crossbow bolts end up spawning in the middle of the map when you pick them up once. Also, there's a weird appearing/disappearing face near the ladder in the sewer. My first released HL2 map, so feedback would be good .
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