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  1. Thanks for the feedback. I killed the autoplay on the galleries. Hope it runs a little better Thanks for the nice comments!
  2. Hey big update to the website! http://www.tygames.design/ My only real question is, does the animated galleries hurt or help? I kind of like them going through the screenshots but I could see it as distracting as well.
  3. Hey guys, just updating this thing... for the usual reasons Put a bunch of my new work up... http://www.williamtylerbuser.com same as always. Just thought I'd share
  4. Haha you just love chairs. Love love love. Lookn good though.
  5. Nice looking site and nice looking levels. GJ
  6. Ooooooh thanks. I was going over it with a friend and she wanted the resume stuff up top, but I think a table of contents could satisfy a lot. And yes, mmh. That's shadowbox, I'm just lucky I got it working... I'm not sure if I can get those arrows bigger but I'm going to try. And thanks for the nice comments, yes, one-page portfolio was my goal. I hate getting lost in nested portfolios. And when you do go to GDC you'll have to let me know! Ninja edit: I couldn't easily make the buttons bigger but I did space them out. I'll still look in to making them bigger themselves, but theres a lot of .css and java in there. Ugh, I made this 2 years ago and I forget how everything works. Ninja edit 2: added a menu ooooooooh Ninja edit 3: Looks like I'll have to reconsider the vertical menu... doesn't play well on the tablet emulator I ran it on. Heh thanks for pointing those out, probably going to rewrite everything again... ugh, need for feedback makes me careless. :embarrassed:
  7. Updated the site a bit... appreciate any feedback. www.williamtylerbuser.com
  8. I have to be honest, I laughed out loud when I saw the Beretta, that's amazing. All in all I like it, a bit simple but the content is good.
  9. Thanks for taking time to give me some pointers from a good web designer. Hopefully I'll be able to address these sooner than later.
  10. Thanks man, that was one of my primary goals... I hate getting lost in too many sections hehe.
  11. Just did a minor update, changed some headers and overall text font. Added my thesis on their finally.
  12. Are you equally a designer and an environment artist or does one describe you better? Buttons to models/demo reel/flash is to obscure. I only found the demo reel the first time. Scrap the "portfolio" section and just make a model section, flash section, etc. The flash is cool but I'm not sure how it applies to environment artist or level design... there might be some cool nuggets for game design there but I'd put those in the back somewhere.. not up front. I'd make your resume so it can be seen all at once rather than piecemeal. One huge problem with it right now is that I can't highlight its text to copy it if I were to want to.
  13. Should be hosting them on your own site. Any ad-based download site is a turn off.
  14. I find that pdfs can just be weighty... or at least feel slow loading. Where I got hired, the leads referenced only my Word and HTML versions... and ignored PDF. I'd say the customer is always right, or rather whatever makes it easiest on them.
  15. Could use some clarifying of what your are... are you a level designer who does some art or an artist who does some level design? Or rather, are you seeking employment as a designer or an artist?
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