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  1. Tokit


    This map is beautiful but I have to agree, what is up with the skybox? It's pretty much a flat grey with a bit blue and a gradient on the horizon. There isn't any moon or stars or clouds at all and it makes it look a bit unrealistic. edit: I suppose there would be a lot of light pollution since its in the city and you wouldn't be able to see many stars anyway but there should still at least be some clouds or something.
  2. Tokit


    I love this map, it reminds me of counter-strike maps made by Nipper. Big props for having a working vending machine in the map too.
  3. Tokit

    cs_2high [Released]

    Okay, I've released the map now. Thanks for downloading and playing it.
  4. Tokit

    cs_2high [Released]

    Quoting this for archival purposes
  5. Tokit

    cs_2high [Released]

    Hi again, I'm still working on the map despite the lack of updates, I'm just trying to finish it up and release it as a big update instead of a bunch of smaller ones. Here are some changes I've done, keep in mind I just took these screenshots from a old final build I did a few days ago. I've made even more changes since. I built cubemaps to test it out too and right now there isn't very many in the map and it doesn't look the greatest. I've raised the height of the cubical farm so they're not 64 units high and head shot height, you can now run around them and not be seen on the other side unless you jump over. I closed the blinds on the windows in front of the window cleaning scaffolding so you can now drop down there a bit more safely. The biggest change so far is the sky bridge in the middle I added. I've detailed it more since this screenshot and plan on adding some cover on top of it for when you cross sides. Still working on the detailing and lighting inside for the sky bridge and CT side. CTs now have a direct path to the elevator shaft/lower from their spawn, I've also moved the lower path up so its only 3 floors down now instead of 5. I didn't take screenshots because I'm still detailing it. The L shaped lounge area on T side now has walls and is a big improvement for game play from the play tests I did, plus it gave me a reason to use that bookshelf model and the couches from resort. The CT side on the far left now has a new room above the reception area, this gives the CT a 2nd path up to the roof and back to spawn. I'm still working on CT side a bunch so I haven't taken many screenshots yet for that side. I also implemented a secret area into the map that some people may or may not find. It takes awhile to get there and is hidden far out of the way so it hopefully won't affect game play at all. I've been mapping for source engine for a few years now but I never really release or finish anything, I'm going to try my best to finish this map for the contest. Even if I don't finish it 100% I'm still going to release what I have before the deadline. I might even work on it some more after the contest is over.
  6. Tokit

    cs_2high [Released]

    All the wooden planks are breakable, the big metal beams at the top with the crane connected to it is a permanent path though. The planks are placed far enough that you can't break them all with a single grenade. They all have 330+hp each so even if the entire terrorist side threw HE grenades I think there would still be some planks left. I tested it and you can break all the planks with a single clip in the negev but you need to hit 85%+ of your shots with it and it takes a good 30-60 seconds to do so, I'm not sure if that'll be happening much in a full 5v5 match. I might make the very bottom path you get to through the elevator shaft a 2nd permanent path. There should still be fighting in the map though. I had the stalemate problem when there was no permanent path at all. CTs need to push or else the Ts will win every round by staying back, the hostage rounds are fast paced at 2 minutes. Yes the CTs could camp out and wait for the Ts to push but they don't need to since the hostages are in the back rooms. It is a little bit of a sniper fest right now though you're right and I'll try to add some more cover.
  7. Tokit

    cs_2high [Released]

    I haven't been able to fully play test it yet, so maybe they will. I tried to make it so shotguns and SMGs are a viable option instead of only going sniper all the time. But yes, the terrorists are definitely going to camp because its a hostage map. As I said in a previous post I'm not a huge fan of the CT side right now so it'll likely be changed up a bit. The middle is frantic though and a death trap but I designed it that way, terrorists can of course rush up and break all the planks but they will have to expose themselves to do so and use a bit of ammo. There is a path below you can take and the metal beams on the roof which you can cross with if all planks are broken. The map was designed all around the planks and middle though, I wanted to make something with 'dynamic' paths and different than most maps. Any suggestions for the CT side to make it so people don't camp there? This is my first time designing a full counter-strike map so I'm racking my brain a bit when it comes to the layout.
  8. Tokit

    cs_2high [Released]

    Hi again, Good news and bad news, the good news is I have a play test scheduled for 5pm EST this Friday if anybody would like to join in and play and give feedback. The bad news is I smashed my monitor today by accident, I moved my table too fast and it fell over and got cracked. I can still use it though so hopefully this won't set me back too much, I'll go out this weekend and try to buy a new one.
  9. Tokit

    cs_2high [Released]

    Released RC12 today Worked on a bunch of little things here and there, some which I don't remember. CT side is still the same layout as I have not been able to do a 5v5 play test on the map yet. I had tried making a mulitlevel radar today but got too frustrated and went back to just the plain 1 level radar for now. I took some new screenshots as well. (mostly T side) I'm not a big fan of the CT layout at the moment but maybe it isn't that bad. Close to 4,000 downloads on the workshop and I still haven't played a full match on it yet. I also find some of the lighting models on the ceiling a bit ugly. I will be paying more attention to the ceiling when I start detailing both sides more. The bottom floor you can access via the elevator shaft will be raised 1 floor too for next release.
  10. Tokit

    cs_2high [Released]

    I was looking at this bulletin board model I put into my map today and noticed the calendar was set to Friday September 15th which also happens to be today. This is the same model that I accidentally left floating in the middle of a hallway last time I did a overnight final compile, the model is clearly haunting my map.
  11. Tokit

    cs_2high [Released]

    cs_2high By Tokit This map is now released and is my entry for the mapcore.org CSGO 2017 mapping contest. Download: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1120910326 Hi, cs_2high is a 5v5 hostage rescue map set in 2 opposing office towers in early winter. It features numerous risk/reward paths and breakable planks in the middle. Features: Working vending machines Breakable planks Secret areas High Heights Credits: Map made by 'Tokit' 'Spork' for the name tag textures 'Tom Pepper' for the cs_2high pin logo 'ParkerM' for his fine wine services Textures and models used from cs_agency and de_resort TEAM PEGGLE - TEAMPEGGLE.COM 'Tophattwaffle' for hosting map playtests mapcore.org for hosting the 2017 contest You for playing the map I would highly recommend that you/the map host type 'mp_autokick 0' in console to prevent people from being auto kicked for jumping off too many times. NOTE: This is my final release for the mapcore.org contest, I didn't have time to fully finish the map 100% so there are some minor bugs such as snowing indoors near CT spawn. I will consider going back to this map in a few weeks after the contest is over and fix it up. There are also secret areas in the map, you can get to them legit with no cheats but I accidentally left a trigger_hurt over the first part of the secret area before doing the final compile. You will need to use godmode to not die while in the first part of the secret area, but you're probably already cheating anyway with noclip. I also forgot to include deathmatch spawns, sorry. Worth the weight, thanks and have fun. -Tokit Screenshots
  12. It has been 11 days now, c'mon I know at least one of the judges has probably read my post by now. Can I get an answer?
  13. I have a question about using models and textures from other maps, is it okay if some textures are used from a map included with CSGO? For example I'm using some textures and models from cs_agency on my map since they fit in really well and I don't have any modelling skills right now to be making my own models. Rule 13: Judges, Experts, and individuals associated with organizing this contest CANNOT enter nor provide material assistance to map entrants. Is making me think I can't use them due to one of the judges being Puddy, the guy who made cs_agency or does that rule just mean they can't help you make the map?
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