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  1. Kaizo

    [WIP] de_Dublin

    I've been detailing and experimenting with the atmosphere and lighting, and hopefully have made great progress. (and fixed those pesky stairs) Along with making areas more visible and slightly brighter. Instead of a sunny bright day, I went for a more cloudy and gray-ish day. I like the new change, since i've been using a sunny day since day 1 of making this map, but I'd love for other people's opinions on it. Here are a few screenshots of the new lighting and new detailed buildings Screenshots:
  2. Kaizo

    [WIP] de_Dublin

    It'd be nice if you focused on anything other than the stairs
  3. Kaizo

    [WIP] de_Dublin

    I decided to detail part of Bombsite B to get a better feel for the atmosphere of de_Dublin. I'm sure i'm heading in the right direction. I will be working on making my own props to enhance the theme. Is there anything I should improve in this? Screenshots:
  4. Kaizo

    [WIP] de_Dublin

    Finally, after a month of fixing the map, the beta of it is released! And i'm happy to show you all my first map. de_Dublin takes place in...well...Dublin, Ireland. The map has slightly detailed areas so you have an idea of what it'll look like later in development However, this is only a rough draft, so there will be many changes to some areas. feedback would be greatly appreciated! Playable Version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1064217323 Screenshots: Overview:
  5. Kaizo

    [WIP] de_Dublin

    As said in the title, the next map will take place in Dublin, Ireland. A place i've always wanted to visit =-] The layout is still in progress, photos will be uploaded once the entire layout is finished.
  6. Working on a map with the theme of Amiens, France (that one map in battlefield 1 )
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