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  1. RaLeX

    Bao [WIP]

    Some og the textures are from RealWorldTextures2. DOWNLOAD
  2. RaLeX

    Bao [WIP]

    i have playtested alot. Yes
  3. RaLeX

    Bao [WIP]

    Screenshots are out: Early version. T spawn route to A: Preview of B site. Long A:Mid: Please keep in mind that this is still in development. WORKSHOP
  4. RaLeX

    [WIP] de_splash

    Whats going on with the random ships? Haha, nice work though.
  5. RaLeX

    Bao [WIP]

    Map is bring worked on in the 3kliksphilip workflow. Mid is almost finished; No textures though. Screens tomorrow
  6. RaLeX

    [WIP] de_heritage

    Layout looks nice
  7. RaLeX


    Looks nice. I remember you from the Post Playtest series, by TopHattWaffle.
  8. RaLeX

    DE_Sentinel (WIP)

    Exited to see the end result. Why did you throw away the old Copenhagen?
  9. RaLeX

    Bao [WIP]

    Screenshots will be out in next week. Currently working on mid
  10. RaLeX


    How is it going?
  11. RaLeX

    Bao [WIP]

    This is my entry for the Mapcore Mapping Contest 2017. This map is currently in greybox stage. The map Will be set in a village. (First map ever)
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