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  1. is anybody working on the contest? I have not seen many submissions so far or maybe I am looking in the wrong place?
  2. Name: Alex Bone Nick: VikingDude Map: TS-Rairgon DL:https://www.dropbox.com/s/8qog45uhwg2sudv/DM_BLOCKIN_v1_art-WindowsNoEditor.pak?dl=0 here is my grid paper sketch out--i scaled it where every 4 squares n the grid equals 50 UU so blocking it in I can get about the same dimensions. As my block out continues I will get the shapes closer and more refined. top down perspective- two other screens- the jump pads are just place holder until i get the lifts/elevators set up and going. I have been testing it using Team Death Match mode with the AddBots num command to get the feel for how it plays with teams-it is interesting to watch the bots get in choke points or do totally random movements you did not expect them to make with the layout.
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