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  1. @2d-chris Impressive technique! Seems easier to work with than additive and hollowing.
  2. My WIP thread : https://www.mapcore.org/topic/20081-dm-hanguar-epic-mapcore-level-design-contest-2016-wip-thread/
  3. Hi, This thread will serve as a WIP thread for my map DM-Hangar. I aim to make everything with custom assets. Feel free to C&C. Here are some screenshots of my phase 1 submission.
  4. Hey @poLemin I'm almost in the same situation as you are on the editing side, but once you pass the interface learning curve, the editor is pretty straight forward. Good luck.
  5. Conrad Justin, Sprony and Tidu : Thx for your replies; I will take a look at the GenericLift. Frag : Great start and concept!
  6. Hey all, I have 2 questions. 1. I made a simple elevator with a TriggerBox calling a matinee animation and it works, but how do I make that TriggerBox work multiple times? Right now, it only work once. 2. I generated LightMaps from blender for my static meshes, but It seems, when I bake in the editor, that some triangles are inverted and makes them look white when they're supposed to be black (vice versa). How do I correct this? Thx.
  7. Hi everyone, I have a question regarding Phase One. How detailed the concept must be for that phase? I mean, I worked on something in Blender 3d that I intend to bring in UT as static meshes, but the objects are not well place, scaled or aligned correctly to each other. Does it matter? Because, I was going for a modular approach and scale things on the go. Take a look and tell me what you think. The green things are model height references and, as you can see, the roofs for the hangar and the silo have not been added for a matter of clarity. (It will be an interior map). Thx.
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