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  1. Hey everybody. Sorry for the clickbait title. I realize not everyone thinks the Final Fantasy series is broken. Humor me. The majority of the folks I talk to, especially those who played the earlier entries in the series, believe the past few games have been a letdown. Whether it's a less-than-stellar battle system, flat characters, poor worldbuilding or other concerns, the last great Final Fantasy - they say - went on sale some time before the past decade. Does this ring true with anyone here? If so, how would you bring the series back to its former greatness? Thanks.
  2. Hey all! Looking for some advice here. As a one-person indie "dev" without much experience, I've put concept on paper, built a playable demo that was terrible, scrapped it and put a new concept on paper. What are some good ways to test a concept before investing a lot of time and energy into building it? I've cobbled together a 2-player tabletop but my cat's not very good and I'm not confident it genuinely emulates the experience of the game. I appreciate any help.
  3. Hey, I joined this forum thanks to you. I appreciate the Gamasutra article.

    1. TheOnlyDoubleF


      Oh oh oh waho. Thanks man, I appreciate :) You've come to the right place! 

  4. I'm @_jayholden on Twitter. And here I am on LinkedIn.
  5. Hey all! I'm Jay. Currently working on the beginning stages of my first indie title and thought I'd join MapCore, seems like a really solid community.
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