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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCJeO7Fz-_I
  2. Yea I make something new every week and have been applying to places that are looking for someone with my skill set. I just haven't had much luck.
  3. Thanks guys, Its the one thing I hate about this industry. No matter how hard you work you can still end up not finding a job. Even if you do find a job and something happens to with your studio (which happens to much) then you're still out of a job.
  4. Well I never got a reply from telltale. So I guess a lot of you were right.
  5. Thank you, and well yea but the title is "buildings and environments". I show a environment and under it there are props and buildings from that environment. But I do understand how this can be confusing. These are the model I like the most but if you have a better idea of what I should name it or move it around Im open to changes.
  6. Does not compute! He was asking how did you render this? Doesn't seem like a game engine. O yea going back and reading that now I don't know what I was talking about... I think I have a good mix of UDK, Unity, Marmoset, and 3DS max
  7. Yea that's how I was looking at it I didn't want to spend 2 - 3 weeks rebuilding a level and modeling non stop and then still not get the job. While making that video only took a couple hours.
  8. Well if they can look at a demo reel they should be able to view it
  9. Well it may just be me but I dont like doing things like everyone else. Even in my Demo Reel many people just use a song or sound effects, and have a model or 2 spinning with a wire frame and that's cool and all but everyone dose it. So found this cool audio clip that means a lot to me and had my models move in a different way. I didn't really focus on ploycount and wire frames because I feel like people just want something good to look at first and if they like it then they will look for more rather then the other way around. also some people who hire might not even know what the poly count and wire frames even mean.
  10. yea I wouldn't want to make that
  11. Yea but you could say that about anything.
  12. I agree Al I have know Idea how to change the thumbnail tho. I'll look that up tonight!
  13. I completely agree with you I really wanted to get some cool transformation going and have some more assets based on there games but I realized my limits in aftereffects today. And I wanted to keep it more about the words then the art. But I tried to put a link to my demo reel at the end.
  14. I don't know if this is the right place for this but I have been trying to find a better way to send a cover letter. Something that would be seen and wouldn't take to long to make. So I came up with this video because people hate reading. I would love to know what you guys think.
  15. Thanks! Yea I used Marmoset TB but the roof looks a lot better if I turned it a little. I think the angle is just strange for the roof
  16. Yea I have everything other then the rust. I' just have to turn up the spec map when I re-Render it. But Im playing with a couple background ideas.
  17. Just Made some kinda random stuff
  18. really good work man, want to be like you when I grow up
  19. I made this video to show what I think Animal Crossing would look like if made in first person. This is just a fan made video made using 3Ds max and Aftereffects it took me about 20 hours to model and render.
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