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  1. Yes im also hoping for source 2 dev tool release, last time source 1 tools released with counter strike source soo i imagine with half life 3 or cs source 2 or portal 3 or something they will release the tools. ay poofoge you might be interested in zombie panic $550 prize map contest https://steamcommunity.com/app/17500/discussions/2/3192489172307273962/
  2. hey i wanted to give this opportunity to all you mappers out there 1st place gets 300$ 2nd gets 150$ 3rd gets 100$ really you could just spend like 5-10 hours making a map and potentially win $300. https://steamcommunity.com/app/17500/discussions/2/3192489172307273962/ make any map for zombie panic and it will be voted on by the community, there are 20 slots open, we are aiming to get like ~10 maps at least, we already have 6 people signed up, but if we could get all 20 thatd be awesome to be honest a zombie panic map can be as small as one building with exterior areas, in survival mode, or it can be a huge map in objective mode
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