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  1. Hi all! This is my entry in the exotic location map competition. I first heard about this competition in the end of November, so I didn't get a chance to start before early December. But I've been at hard work since then, and now it start to look like a map. I've only playtested with friends throughout the development, so I hope that it's balanced in a fair way. For the exotic part, I've taken another approach than most other maps on here. I've tried to replicate a typical fishing community in northern Norway, where industry and housing, new and old, goes hand in hand. It shows how old buildings and new buildings are mixed together, and the layout is somewhat typical of a Norwegian fishing community. It also showcases that when people were working as fishermen, they lived close to the docks during their employment. It's still work in progress, and need some more optimization and overall polish. I hope you enjoy it, and any feedback welcome. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FROM THE WORKSHOP Backstory (just to get in the mood): Objective Bomb defuse map: Screenshots:
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