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  1. As a mapmaker myself I agree with most of what you're saying, however as a surfer who has spent hundreds of hours on end in both CSS and CSGO on this particular map. I really appreciate someone taking the time to come up with some new visuals, even if they are just that. Also you say that it's not that unique yet i don't feel like I've seen this before even though I've played just about every surf map I have come across. Another thing is, even if you don't feel these visuals are very interesting, just like competive CS map, high level surfers really appreciate clarity and I'd job well done in that department. Last thing is that it still looks very different visually from the xDre4m version which it's based upon, which I guess is the main point of this version. personally I'm pretty excited to try this map out when I have time! I think it looks pretty sleek. Will come back with an update on how it plays later
  2. AirStep

    De_forlorn WIP

    To me this is one of those maps that feel familiar even the first time you see it! I guess that just speaks to a strong and well developed theme. I'm super digging the nostalgic feel! Glad to see this one back in development
  3. This is brilliant, thank you so much for taking the time to do this!
  4. AirStep


    Contemporary currently: alpha 1 A defusal map set in a modern art museum. Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=515845264 This map is in it's earliest stages and is therefor almost completely empty, the reason I've created this post as well as uploaded the map to the workshop is to get some feedback on the layout. By doing this i hope to avoid some pitfalls that I might have overlooked as it would be more time consuming to change the layout later on. I'm also open to suggestions on neat additions and changes that might make something work better. Please note that due to the lack of props there are some huge sightlines that will be broken later on. The map should be experienced in-game as it is pretty hard to get a sense of the scale from the pictures below. Overview: Additional Pictures:
  5. AirStep

    [CS:GO] de_stars

    This is a pretty cool idea. I love the canal, it's really well done. If i had to critique something aesthetically I'd say that you maybe use too many and too bright colors in some places, and I hope you are going to turn down the saturation on those green screens, i know they are supposed to be really green but I think it's a bit too much at the moment. Can't wait to see this one done.
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