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  1. holy shit, I see stencil shadows in those gameplay videos.
  2. Thats middleware dependant silly. If the render state code in a engine is bad written, no wonder its slow. Also, some stuff is related only to the 3D-API. And per-pixel Hardware occlusion (you mean occlusion culling??) is possible. Also, the Quadro cards are fat, very fat professional workstation graphiccards and are not thought for games (games will run thought, but you want to pay over thousands of dollars for better game-performance? jerk). People use them on machines, where scientific simulations, ray-tracing rendering, CAD and extremely detailed 3D design is done. Wfr, Sindwiller good, professional response but why the insults (silly, jerk)?
  3. why not? because other dystopian movies/games look quite different. there are many different kinds of dystopian settings and the resemblance between HL2 and "children of men" is quite striking. coincidence? maybe, maybe not. anyway we'll never know until somebody asks the guys who are responsible for the artistic direction of the movie. one thing is for sure, this movie is gonna be awsome
  4. I still think it is very possible that a set designer or concept artist or whatever has played the game and put some references in the movie. You can't just say it's in the nature of dystopian movies/games to look like that.
  5. I agree I played BG&E and the gameplay reminded me of zelda in many ways, but of course it's not nearly as good as zelda (link to past, ocarina, ww) It's still a wonderful game.
  6. http://www.apple.com/trailers/universal/childrenofmen/ watch the trailer carefully, there are so many elements from hl2 that i'm pretty sure either the director or the set designer was inspired by the game.
  7. i think you have to "code" such textures. dont ask my how...
  8. sensee

    post your ride!

    mike is teh rich!!! wanna work for gearbox goddamnit
  9. that sessler guy was too loud, annoying and stupid. (there's no freedom of speech in the UK? right...) i would really like to see a more professional (and longer) debate with jack thompson.
  10. no more e3 = no more e3 milestones = no more e3 milestone crunch time AWESOME!!
  11. who to hell takes a camera to a job interview?! anyway congratulations!
  12. making a 2048x2048 texture from a single photo source is gonna be difficult since most digital cameras can't keep up anymore with that size. i'm not saying it's impossible and it's probably gonna happen, but it's a hell of a lot of work for those poor texture artists.
  13. 1.What size should i do textures in? And does it matter if the reference picture is in another size? And if it is, should i resize before i make the texture or after? some say you should work with the true size of the texture, i.e. if you want to make a 1024x1024, you should work with that size from the beginning. some say it's better to work with 2x the final size. I say keep the size of your (cutted) reference photo and resize at the end. 2.Whats the best way to make the seems to dissaper? I have heard healingbrush which i tryied and got best result so far, clone tool which i tried with dissaterous result or dodge tool which i also tried with the same result as clone tool. Or is it that i just use the wrong reference picture at start making it hard on me? Or is it that it is very tidious work that takes hour to do for 1 texture? there are many many different techniques for making a texture seamless. it depends on the material. a brickwall requires a different technique than a grass texture. check google for tutorials. and yes it does take hours to make texture and sometimes it is tendious work. 3.What kind of texture would be the easiest to start with, so i can get into the technuiqe and stuff at first. as I said, there isn't ONE technique for making textures. 4.Finally how importent is it that when i offset the reference picture the seems ends up exactly in the middle, i mean does it have to exactly spot on? Or is it ok if i miss a couple of pixels right-left and up-down. it's not important at all. just don't forget to write down your offset values, so you can "re-offset" the texture later. A second try. Same, i think the seem (red arrows) are pretty much gone, but when i tile it i get new seems (blue arrows) you get those seams when you use bicubic resampling for resizing. "nearest neighbor" is better in most cases. if you still want to use bicubic you can get rid of those seams by flattening all your layers and then copy the final layer 2 or 3 times.
  14. spend weeks of mapping + playtesting and thousands of dollars just to fix some leaks that a few speedrun nerds might exploit? :roll:
  15. A few days ago I was quite bored and I saw HL in my steam list so I decided to play it a little because it's been a long long time since I played it the last time. Well I ended up finishing the whole game, finishing Opposing Force, finishing Blue Shift and I even downloaded the Uplink demo. I don't wanna start a fanboyish glorification of HL1, but this game rocks. And yes, it's in many ways better than HL2 and better than most of these so called next-gen shooter. As for HL1 editing, I guess except for some die-hard fans it's pretty dead by now. Most of the old mappers have a) switched to source b) gone pro and work for the industry c) given up their nerdy hobby.
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