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  1. Dangit. And I so wanted to throw down and pull hair.
  2. I intended for it to be a funny, but also it was accurate too. The new century did begin by all accounts in 01 bud.
  3. Read it again bud.. If I ain't mistaken, those two game came out in 2 different centuries. Still doesn't change my mind either.. Halo was butt ugly. /runs
  4. Funny how everyone forgets that Halo was about the most ugly looking game of this century... What was I saying, I forgot.
  5. Considering most of them sound like they sit down to pee, that's a bit of a stretch methinks.
  6. If you guys like old movies with killer plots you need to check out "Altered States"Its great old school sci-fi. Just watched "Red"and "Life as we know it" Both are really good.
  7. I think I have just heard every excuse known for not playing Portal. That my friend is so funny. I simply just don't play a game myself but to truly be creative like this is awe inspiring. /me bows to a true Master.
  8. Sorry, I forgot abut this thread. I got word back from my source. He is as vague as anyone. All he can say is "soon". He was telling me some stories about the intro track ride causing issues. Anywho's.. Soon. shrugs
  9. Or because you're getting laid too much! And someones been sleeping in my bed cause their still here. I just love that Goldilocks story. Don't you guys?
  10. Orpheus

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    It seems like its kinda hard to be in the thrik of things around Mapcore. I'm hoping to not be on the outside lookin in for much longer. I've always liked being in the thrik of things.
  11. You think we might get him to mail it in a cardboard tube?
  12. I'll grant you that then. I don't like people whom complain just for complaining sake either. Still though, I haven't said anything bad about 2.. I just commented on 1. I conceed your point.
  13. Man you guys are the greatest. I can see endless opportunities here. Begins early Christmas card list
  14. OK, I am taking notes here. [*]Order games with posters. [*]Games without posters have no tube. [*]Getting posters gives you two items for the price of one. [*]Tubes are fun.
  15. Orpheus

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    Sorry to cause unnecessary concern. It seems ok now. All I know is I posted 3 or 4 times and the front page never altered... My bad I guess.
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