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Until Dawn

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Why there is no threat for this game!? 
I know it went under radar for most of us (bad timing of launch - it should be out around Halloween) and at first when I saw this game, I was like, bleh next bad horror game, just looking good (visuals).
But then the reviews started to drop down, and the reviews were super good. So last Saturday I bought it for my GF to play (gameplay wise it's smth like Heavy rain, QTE ect, but still it doesn't ruin the game).
After 30 min she gave me the controller, cause the shit was to intense for her. So I finished the game, she was watching it like a really good horror movie! The story is a little bit cliche at some point, but still fun as fuck! 
I love this game! The atmosphere is thick and creepy. The visuals are the best you can see up to date, look at those faces man, sick! Environments looks just gougers, many times i thought it was just photo!
Many great ideas like the butterfly effect, like the doc talking with you and many more. Every choice you make will make a difference, that's why now, even that I know the story ect, I think want to replay the game and try to keep everyone alive till the dawn - don't know if that's possible tho.
Anyways, If you're into horror games, I strongly recommend to pick it up! It's like 8-10h of game play, but it's worth the money. 



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