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Goldleaf by Pat Howard

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UPDATE: finally finished! can't believe it's over. here's the download - enjoy.






hey everyone. i am definitely gonna be submitting something, even if i have to fail out of school to do it! i am currently working out some small problems with my layout. i'm trying to make something a little on the larger side to meet the 4-8 player requirement.


i'm revisiting an old theme from a couple years ago that never got past the layout stage. that map was called echoes, so i'm taking the name, but everything else, i.e. the layout and brushwork, will be new.


i'll keep ya posted :)



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screenshot!   not totally done detailing this area yet but thought it was worth showing.   edit: a few more words on this... the visual goal of my map is to create a tech theme without all the usu

thanks . here are a couple more areas done today. i'll try to post shots almost every night until the end of the comp. hope i can get done with the brushwork soon so i can focus on fixing up the light

a little hallway action, fresh out of the oven      

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nothing to see yet. still working out the theme. as usual, i wasted a couple weeks trying to go for something photorealistic and then realized i didn't have anywhere near the assets to pull it off in competition time.


changing directions and going simpler now, e.g. q3dm6-style. i want something that people will see and think of classic quake. in the end, gameplay is king, so i think i will be relying more on the strength of my layout than on complicated graphics. 


attached is a shot of what i am thinking about scrapping.


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