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The forums were taken down this morning so phpBB could be updated to version 3.0.2. There were some unexpected issues with the upgrade due to certain files modified specially for MapCore being replaced, resulting in those bits lost having to be restored from backups. The process isn't yet complete, however no further problems are anticipated.

For reference, the (boring) changes introduced by the upgrade:

  • [*:556hd4ud][Fix] Ability to set permissions on non-mysql dbms (Bug #24955)
    [*:556hd4ud][Fix] Fixed blank style on setups having no username defined within config.php (Bug #25065)
    [*:556hd4ud][Fix] Made the compress_tar class tolerate archives that do not properly have their archived contents listed (Bug #14429 / thanks to JRSweets for his patch)
    [*:556hd4ud][Fix] Moved topics should not count towards the number of topics in a forum (Bug #14648 / thanks to Schumi for his patch)
    [*:556hd4ud][Fix] Properly check for invalid characters in MySQL DB prefixes during install (Bug #18775)
    [*:556hd4ud][Fix] Bring the PostgreSQL backup system back to working order (Bug #22385)
    [*:556hd4ud][Fix] Update correct theme for cached styles in style.php (Bug #25805)
    [*:556hd4ud][Fix] Correctly determine safe mode for temp file creation in functions_upload.php (Bug #23525)
    [*:556hd4ud][Fix] Correctly sort by rank in memberlist (Bug #24435)
    [*:556hd4ud][Fix] Purge cache after database restore (Bug #24245)
    [*:556hd4ud][Fix] Correctly display subforum read/unread icons from RTL in FF3, Konqueror and Safari3+. (thanks arod-1 for the fix, related to Bug #14830)
    [*:556hd4ud][Fix] Added missing form token in acp (thanks NBBN).
    [*:556hd4ud][Fix] Do not remove whitespace in front of url containing the boards url and no relative path appended (Bug #27355)
    [*:556hd4ud][Fix] reset forum notifications in viewtopic (Bug #28025)
    [*:556hd4ud][Fix] corrected link for searching post author's other posts (Bug #26455)
    [*:556hd4ud][Fix] HTTP Authentication supports UTF-8 usernames now (Bug #21135)
    [*:556hd4ud][Fix] Topic searches by author no longer return invalid results (Bug #11777)
    [*:556hd4ud][Fix] Delete drafts and bookmarks when deleting an user. (#27585, thanks Schumi for the fix)
    [*:556hd4ud][Fix] Set last_post_subject for new topics. (#23945)
    [*:556hd4ud][Fix] Allow moving posts to invisible forums. (#27325)
    [*:556hd4ud][Fix] Don't allow promoting unapproved group members (#16124)
    [*:556hd4ud][Fix] Correctly fetch server name if using non-standard port (#27395)
    [*:556hd4ud][Fix] Regular exp
ression for email matching in posts will no longer die on long words.
[*:556hd4ud][Fix] Do not display ban message if direct call to cron. (thanks Dog Cow for reporting)
[*:556hd4ud][Fix] Correctly display double-colon on special conditions within highlighted php source (Bug #26795)
[*:556hd4ud][Fix] Increase storage capacity of titles/subjects due to specialchared content (Bug #25235)
[*:556hd4ud][Fix] Catch invalid username wildcard ban (we do not support these) (Bug #29305)
[*:556hd4ud][Fix] Fix (email)-domain checks for those having DNS prefixes set (Bug #29635)
[*:556hd4ud][Change] Adjust truncate_string() to be able to adjust the maximum storage length.
[*:556hd4ud][Change] Sort the tables at the database table backup screen
[*:556hd4ud][Change] For determining the maximum number of private messages in one box, use the biggest value from all groups the user is a member of (Bug #24665)
[*:556hd4ud][Change] Show email ban reason on registration. Additionally allow custom errors properly returned if using validate_data(). (Bug #26885)
[*:556hd4ud][Change] Don't allow redirects to different domains. (thanks nookieman)
[*:556hd4ud][Feature] Added optional referer validation of POST requests as additional CSRF protection.
[*:556hd4ud][Feature] Added optional stricter upload validation to avoid mime sniffing in addition to the safeguards provided by file.php. (thanks to Nicolas Grekas for compiling the list).
[*:556hd4ud][Feature] Streamlined banning via the MCP by adding a ban link to the user profile. Also pre-fills ban fields as far as possible.
[*:556hd4ud][Feature] Added ACP logout to reset an admin session.
[*:556hd4ud][sec] Only allow urls gone through redirect() being used within login_box(). (thanks nookieman)

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