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  1. So, here's an update, showing some enemies from the game, let's have a look, and know about them a little! Slicer: He's.. sorry... it's a creature about slicing, that's why the name's slicer, easy? Yes..., it's faster than you, attacks more, beats the shit out of you, but is dumb as shit.. Just the same as "Hmm...!". Phantom: Somewhat like who's using stones to attack, what a fish.... no ... No? .... NO?? ... I also think no. It's amazingly super ultra true that he is attacking in the upper image, isn't it? Temple Gaurd Someone said that he looks aw
  2. Hello everyone, Vague Pixels here! It seems a little bit weird when you see "Vague Pixels", may you think, "What on earth is that!?", so, I am here to solve your that question, and give a good and long description about us!! (it's not too long btw... ;)) So, what is "Vague Pixels"? A combination of pixelated thingies that game developers will learn, nah, it's rather a game development studio, comprising of three real-life friends, who have partnered up to bring you the best they can! Currently, we are working on a game, let's say, an action-adventure platformer combined with
  3. Hello! I am new to this forum community, so apologies for any mistake done !So, this (vaguepixels) is a gamedev team which comprises of 3 people who are trying to currently make a game, called "Alter Army", and are going to release the demo and the trailer soon! So, what about us? We are a game development team, based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, which has three people in it, one is a pixel artist, designer and the programmer(name's Mridul Pancholi! ), one does music, design and marketing(called Mehul Sharma ), and a newly joined bro who is a marketer too(m.. me.... Mridul Bansal )! So, that'
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