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  1. Something I have been working on. Still not UV mapped nor textured.
  2. Looks good. It needs more Rock meshes, however, especially in that deep valley\hole kinda thing on your second screenshot. Make Heightmap terrain and meshes really indistinguishable so that they blend in together in a nicer way.
  3. Started playing Dead Space. On iPhone. So far I like it much better than any of Dead Space PC games. So much easier to control the player with touchscreen. And it looks awesome, too.
  4. On a second thought confining the contest only to 2-3 games such as HL2DM, UT3, L4D2 etc would be better. This contest heavily relies on gameplay so it is IMHO important to establish some common map-testing base in order to avoid some bad situations as " Oh you made a map for RoboBlitz... I don't have that game". Just keep it down to 2-3 popular games and the contest will be much better off. My $0.02.
  5. Are L4D2 survival levels allowed? Survival is not exactly SP but it could be quite fun putting map like that together. As for non accessible area, does area where commons spawn but players cannot access count as one?
  6. Voted for 1024 one. I think 3 521x521 contest could be fun as well.
  7. I originally wanted to go for that sorta color and I would have if interior hadn't looked so washed out; orange looked way too dominant. Had to lower saturation a bit and that's pretty much what you see now. Apart from that, this map has reached a point where the map wouldn't fully compile without giving me like 6-7 critical errors. 6000 brushes and 2000 light objects is a bit too much for the engine that is like 14 years old, lol.
  8. Next build... @ aaron_da_killa : True that but now that I look at it, I have also used blueish sorta color for windows and that is 3rd color in the scene. Adding one more would be an overkill.
  9. Holy moly it's a disco tech. I think those big red lights need to be replaced by a less in your face colour. Orange, for example. True. Will remove those the next build. Thanks dux and everyone.
  10. Something that I'm going to be releasing next weekend... Some peeps might recognise this one as I had posted bunch of piccies of this map like ... 100 pages ago?
  11. Subtraction? He textured those subtracted brushes with tiles. Rather simple way to do trims in Ued.
  12. Allowing infine amount of faces for general brush rule is a mistake in my opinion. In UnrealEngine you can merge huge amount of brushes together. Damn, I even could turn 10000 brshes into one if I wanted to. I think going from unlimited to 20 sounds rather reasonable IMHO
  13. It highly depends on a style you are going for. If you are doing something simplistic, correct choice would be BSP. If you want something complicated, go for Static Meshes although I'd say brushes with good normal \ shiny mapped textures would look the same for the most part.
  14. @Keres - Don't even have Max installed. I made all the normal maps and "nextgen shiny stuff" maps by hand in the photoshop. A bit inefficient and takes way too long but the result is rather good.
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