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(HL2) Fruit Mod Needs modler


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Fruit Mod is a third person shooter where players will take control of an Orange or a Melon in attempt to kill eachother. There will be more fruits to choose from in future versions, as well as other gameplay modes.

(1x) modler needed

FM needs a simple model- an oval. Thats it! We need someone that can manage to make an oval of dimensions that we have already picked out. It's simple work and you'll be in contact with a respectful and responsible team of people. You can check out our Moddb page here http://mods.moddb.com/8172/fruit-mod/ to read more.

Interested? PM me on mapcore, or talk to me on AIM or through E-Mail.

AIM: Vcc2cc

E-Mail: NeoGlitch822@yahoo.com

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