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Looking for modeler for Claws

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My two friends and I have bean working on this project for a few months now and have gotten to a point where replacement models just don't cut it and none of us can model. The game in a FPS/puzzle game, sort of like Portal but with more fps standard features. The hand models are the players hands and are the only tools/weapons you get.

We am looking for three styles of robotic hands,each style with a left and a right, and one model of a normal arms (left and right together). There are three types of hand styles I am looking for, and each each hand should a separate model from the arm.

The styles are:

• A hand made of metal

• A three taloned claw like hand (think clawshot, as in Zelda: The Twilight Princess)

• A simple spike

Animations showing each style morphing into another would be nice but not necessary. Other than what is here I give the modeler freedom over his or her work. If you find a simpler way to show and produce the morphing please contribute! We are using the Source engine, and while we would love the models to be in the .obj or .smd formats we will take any.

Thanks in advance,



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