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Game Project Seeking 2D Graphics Designer (Indie)


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EDIT: Rewrite, I found a good template to use for advertising.

Team name:

Savvy Brick Technologies

Project name:

Returning Home

Brief description:

The game is a casual style "Hidden Object" genre game, where the user must find hidden objects from a given list. Usually the objects are for some sort of goal and found using the mouse.

There will also be some puzzles as minigames.

"Hidden Object" type games are the top selling games on Big Fish Games.

Target aim:

To sell the game to a casual games website. eg: Big Fish Games


Offering 35% of potential revenue.

I'll give that in writing if preferred.


The target system is Windows PC with low specs as casual gamers usually don't have powerful PC's. I (the programmer) will be using Delphi combined with the latest Asphyre Casual framework, as I have been already using Asphyre for some years.

Talent needed:

We're looking for a 2D Graphics Designer who can do most of the graphical work for the game. Including user interfaces, backgrounds, and misc objects within the game.

We're looking for a similar style to the following:

http://games.bigfishgames.com/en_treasu ... creen1.jpg

http://games.bigfishgames.com/en_treasu ... creen2.jpg


http://games.bigfishgames.com/en_abraac ... creen1.jpg

http://games.bigfishgames.com/en_abraac ... creen2.jpg

We don't expect exactly that level of quality work, but that is a good indicator of the way the game will be laid out.

Team structure:

Currently we have a programmer(me) and a musician, who I have worked with on various other projects over the years.


No web site at the moment, but hopefully one will be set up sometime soon.


My e-mail: Matt(dot)Dalgety(at)gmail(dot)com (<- To stop spam bots finding my email and spamming me)

Previous Work by Team:

By myself I have done a few small projects over the years and with our current musician I have done a large project which was used for a final university project some time ago, it is now being used in our portfolios and résumés.

Additional Info:

We're aiming to get this project finished in a few months, I don't believe it will be a huge effort to get done in that time.

When e-mailing, please send examples of your work.

More detailed info about the game will be available upon entering the team.



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