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  1. Something's clearly wrong when you don't want to use your own company's engine to make your game...
  2. Do you think they'll ever redesign office? Hostage maps aren't played competitively and office suffers from a 2/3 T-sidedness IIRC. I like the theme of the map. but not so much the execution. If they do revamp it I think it's likely it'll spend ages out of the game like Aztec has, though.
  3. You could say in what universe would the FBI, SAS, GIGN send in only 5 people to deal with a terrorist situation? A private security team whilst unnecessary wouldn't be amiss in game IMO. Regarding your second line I agree, the lighting and textures on a map needs to account for the player models.
  4. well that's basically all I played dark souls for lol, the (mini-)bosses. Best part for me. Will pick it up on sale
  5. Is it worth it for a relative newcomer to the souls series? I've finished Dark Souls 3 and plan to get DS1 on sale. What I love most is the boss fights by far, as well as the art and stories of the universe. I've heard the fighting style is very different in Sekiro though.
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