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  1. Hello, you may remember me as interfearance, that annoying bastard who could never finish a map. I moved away from mapmaking about 3 years ago and have become a different person for better and worse. I have bad insomnia which causes extremely stressful existential thoughts that now extend into the day. I miss the days of being able to lie in bed and think about something like the next edit to a map before I feel asleep. I feel like La Rochefoucauld was wrong about not being able to stare into the sun and death at the same time. Since I am only 17 this either means I am fucked for life or lucky to get this out of the way early. How is everyone else's mental health? I thought this pandemic mental health thing was overstated but a year in I wish I could be distracted by the pre-pandemic life and that I had never stopped living it.
  2. thats a good idea thanks do you know where I can find these? Are the free sections on websites reliable for good practices?
  3. I'M USING MAYA: I am attempting to make a window inset within a wall (duhh). I want to also give it a door. The problem is that I cannot decide how to come about it. I could extrude and use offset, but that only works for one feature, the door or window, before the mesh gets messy. I could use booleans but I'm not sure whether that is "allowed" by modeling standards as I am striving to maintain clean topology. Lastly I could use a lot of edge loops, but for other projects this will be less than ideal as it will be difficult to create window sills and other features on the x and y axis rather than just in the wall's dimensions. The wall features in the pictures are not actually attached to the wall, and I am not sure whether this was making it easier or harder in the long run. I inserted a few vertical edge loops (tiny circles), to be able to select each face between the features for the possibility of the offset method. The window and door need to be under the line in the big circle in #2 .png. Also does anyone know how to create neon signs without using NURBS circles and the CV curves? (It gets messy). Thanks in advance. -A complete and utter noob who spent too much time modeling weapons and lego pieces (me)
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