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  1. Update Time! This update has pretty much been me adding lots of models, texturing and other stuff. Check it out!
  2. Sorry, I had them on the overview for when you load into the game, and forgot about adding them here! As for design documentation I'm not quite sure what you mean, are you asking about some reasoning for my decisions or some photos I looked at for inspiration? Thanks! I'll take a look, maybe it could make a good background piece?
  3. Hi Mapcore I've been wanting to make a Counter Strike map for a while know but never had the attention spam or drive to actually finish my levels, however I believe this time I may be closer than ever! The map is set on the coast of spain, where a local tourist destination is nearing completion. The local gangs have had enough and have decided to target is the art gallery in the center and GIGN units have been sent in to ensure that the building is unharmed. If anyone had some feedback on anything alarming they could see or ideas for decoration it'd be much appreciated! Also, here is the workshop link for anyone interested Overview: Other Screenshots:
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