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  1. P4NIK.

    [WIP][CSGO] de_trusk

    I looked it up and took each stair to a height of 8 and a length of 12, someone stated it's the "official Valve scale" for stairs. But thanks for your link, it's quite helpful
  2. P4NIK.

    [WIP][CSGO] de_trusk

    Thanks, I completely redid B long (the path you mentioned) as I wasnt pleased with it anyway But I'm not sure, I dont see how I could avoid the stair/ramp thing, at least in this map. The height is a part of the map, I didnt wanted it to be too flat But I replaced most ramps with stairs now so it's at least visually appealing.
  3. P4NIK.

    [WIP][CSGO] de_trusk

    Well, yes I could do that but what I really enjoy about mapping is making a competitive map I cant imagine having that much fun with a jail or aim map as I dont enjoy playing both of them anyway. My first map is for learning. All I want now is constructive critisism and I was hoping to get it here.
  4. P4NIK.

    [WIP][CSGO] de_trusk

    I know, I will change this as I progress, but my main goal is to make it playable first I'm still a newb at Hammer Editor
  5. P4NIK.

    [WIP][CSGO] de_trusk

    Hello everyone, this is my first map called de_trusk which is currently in alpha state. As I just recently started mapping I did alot of mistakes yet and I hope you dont judge by it's graphics yet (but feedback is welcome in any way). I just wanna improve and get feedback from more experienced people. Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=630728295 Here is a overview of the map: Some screenshots to see ingame graphics:
  6. Hello, my Nickname is P4NIK. I started mapping at the end of 2015. Greetings
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