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  1. So some updated shots. So you avoid downloading this sparkliefest, cant believe how much sparklies are left beside other obvious issues. B>
  2. Oh not so well Lot of stull needs to be uvmapped, textures i didnt touch at all, and geometry is still not even nearly finished. =) but you can see, the darknessprogess is steady %-)
  3. no no, he should just pullout some footage. :F ... donkey should do this aswell... !B>
  4. according to da like i am presenting some darkness and some brushes in a non-chronological order: and one more time... darkness and some colours
  5. Hey Insane, your alive, so when you sign in? in the same moment i have to disappoint u, the uberbox turned out into that :< a lot of cool guys, allready signed in, but u know, there cant be never enough cool guys.
  6. YES I AM IN!!!!!!!! for the MANEE and the FAME, and no wan else wanna haf it. so inb4 thx and gg planing to make a uberbox, hope someone else will have the guts to manage a hard fight for all the goodies!!! but i c, all u scar3d bros! greets and regards good ol kaffeepal o/ Update : LOL. ok here is somewhat like my entry. its not nearly finished, totally unfinished tbh %-) but hey atleast you can jump around, dont forget to raise com_hunkmegs to a ridicolous high value. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/83083336/brits.pk3 damn there some really nice maps at the comp, cant wait to play them all.
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