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    New website for map makers and server owners.

    Hello. My name is Mikael Danielsson and I have been working on a website named levelexpose.com for 6 - 7 months now. Where you can upload your custom game maps and people can discuss and rate them. But that's not all... I made this website for several reasons: I wanted to provide a more fair and different rating system for custom game maps. Bring server owners and map creators closer. Create a place where the best custom game maps are featured, avoiding spam and maps only made as commercials while promoting the use of pictures and correct descriptions in a well designed and easy to use website. About the website: Help section: Here you can ask questions related to map making. The question maker can choose one answer as the "Best answer". The one posted that answer will gain reputation. Reputation: You will gain reputation from uploading maps, getting up votes on your maps, questions and question answers. You will also get reputation if your answer was promoted to "Best answer". Servers: You can add your own server or any server you want to "levelexpose.com --> Servers" and it will collect data from all servers added. Your server will be ranked by average players in the latest 10 days. Map rating: Maps are rated by two systems: one is a regular voting system where users can up vote or down vote maps (you cant vote below 0). The second system calculates your maps play rating by how much your map is actually played from servers that's added to levelexpose.com. You can increase your play rank by adding more servers that are using your map. If this sounds interesting go to levelexpose.com and upload your maps or just check it out! All maps you upload to levelexpose.com should be made by you (This will maybe be change in the future). Else the map will be deleted and you will lose reputation. Remember this site is in beta! If you have any question related to levelexpose.com you can ask them here or in the help section at levelexpose.com. If you want to contribute for further development and existence of this site you can donate here. Current supported games: Counter strike 1.6, Counter strike: Condition Zero, Counter strike: Global offensive, Counter strike: Source, Call of duty 4, Call of duty 2, Day of Defeat: Source, Garrys mod, Half-life 2: Deathmatch, Left for dead, Left for dead 2, Team fortress 2