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  1. mattyy25

    de_desertstorm ~ WIP

    actually, i withdraw from this competion. my nikggas.
  2. mattyy25

    de_desertstorm ~ WIP

    I just found out someone already made a map called de_desertstorm like 15 years ago, can my map not get disqualified if I change the name again? Edit: I'm sorry guys I am not trying to be annoying
  3. mattyy25

    de_desertstorm ~ WIP

    It's all good right?
  4. mattyy25

    de_desertstorm ~ WIP

    Yes I changed the name and the map has been updated since than so it should be all good. The theme is middle eastern that is the only thing my map has in common with the dust maps.
  5. mattyy25

    de_desertstorm ~ WIP

  6. mattyy25

    [WIP] de_dust3

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