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  1. 2 weeks?! i wonder what you can do in a month probley build New York again good job
  2. i know it's too soon to ask but what theme did you pick for this project ?
  3. Okay, the first thing that i would do is to remake your displaments, but this time select onlt the top of the brush with rhe face edit sheeft After you donr that Start to hide stuff untill you see that the compile is worknig (hide the props and compile. If it's still not working hide the func_detail and recompile and keep going like that Good luck
  4. Hi, can you post your compile logs ?
  5. Kochi

    de_relict Project Thread

    I wish that i was that good when i started:( But yeah the design looka amazing Can you upload the layout to here ?
  6. if you really want to make those gates You can make a slide door with trigger_multiple that will open the door ad soon as you touch that trigger. This will add the gate without ruin the gameplay
  7. I would say no. If you're making a slide door that take10 seconds to open just think: What the players will do in that 10 seconds? What would they think about it ? How does it effect of the gameplay of the map ? The players are usually are remembering maps from something that you can't miss over there: Zoo with the fishes all over bombsite B Agency with.. Well it's agency Castle with the amazing look But if those things are ruin the gameplay, then that's the memory that the players will get this bad memory of waiting 10 seconds untik you can start the action
  8. Kochi


    they are a garry's mod models You can talk to him if you want
  9. Kochi


    actully i did few times and it was pretty good
  10. Kochi


    BackStoryA group of anarchists broke into a federal office "National Security Office" or NSO their main target is to destroy all the information about their organization even if they will die. NSO called the FBI to help them and save their servers. CreditsJohny[SRKA] for few models Sir.Smith.Richard for some textures Thanks to Jackathan for some models as well Thanks to TopHattWaffle for some textures Thanks to RICK_D for some models and textures Thanks to MoonLight for some models Thanks to Immilkymulp for some textures Thanks to Overloaded for some textures Thanks to Ezkeal The Architect for skybox buildings thanks to CaptainR3sPawN for gameplay testing and tips OutroSince this is my 4th map i'll be more then happy to hear suggestions from you guys so please if you got anything to say go ahead. Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=525101339 Layout:
  11. Kochi


    i suggest you to watch topHattwaffle's tutorials and listen with every map that you build, you learn something new. My first map had good layout but bad design, on my secound map. I had bad layout but good design. And i always learn something new. I'm sure that your next map is going to be great
  12. Kochi


    That's my Opinion but i think that the sites are too open.. I would add some more props or anything that will close the sites a little bit.
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