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  1. MozArt

    [CS:GO][WIP] Trailerpark

    I agree with RaVaGe for the mountains. The map looks really amazing. Love the mild mood!
  2. MozArt

    Strange round lights on shadow [Source Engine]

    Well in fact the shadow bugs are still there but we almost do not see them anymore.. :roll: @.Sentura : We have took it from cs_jungle, we'll add the author in the credits when the map will be finished.
  3. MozArt

    Strange round lights on shadow [Source Engine]

    I deleted and recreated the light env without changing color parameters and the round lights vanished ! Thanks alot !
  4. MozArt

    Strange round lights on shadow [Source Engine]

    @.Dux : I tried to change every parameter of light env and HDR but i did'nt try to delete it and add it again. Gonna try ! @.Sentura : yeah i thought about it to "hide" the junctions. If no one solve the matter i'll try to add a big Block Light bloc behind the displacement. Thanks :wink:
  5. Hi there, I'm Mozart from Deadwood mod team. I am experiencing matters on my maps since a few weeks. Some rounds of lights come in my shadow areas : Here's another exemple : I dunno the hell where it comes from. I'd been told that experienced mappers would resolve my matter. Thanks and sorry for my bad english, i'm french :roll: